Reply To: Virtual or Practice Race?


Since many of the participants on the HIP Training Program are undertaking virtual or practice HIM’s right now, we are talking about what went well, what didn’t go as planned and where there is still opportunity.  It’s been a really productive discussion that everyone is gaining benefit from.  This is my gentle nudge to see if we can try to get a similar discussion going here.  Even if it’s not a race, have you tried a longer workout (like your 100 mile rides? or 3 hour long run?) or a race specific workout (like the double brick or metric race simulation), there is still opportunity to learn and grow as a triathlete during this time.

One of the topics that continues to surface is the need to carry your own nutrition, particularly fluids with many water fountains being turned off.  A hydration vest is a fantastic way to carry ample fluids with you (and your long runs should be longer than the HIP group).  Thus I wanted to share a sale on a solid hydration vest brand.

Has anyone been training with a hydration vest for your workouts? What has worked for you? It’s hot out there so let’s here your strategy for keeping on top of your nutrition!