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Tour de DC Stage 14: Champs-Georgetown

Good news–we will be resuming the Sat group rides starting Saturday August 1st. For those that aren’t familiar with the route or would like a refresher, that will be the route for the last stage as we wrap up the Tour de DC Tri.

Here’s the shorter route to the BP:

And if you’d like to go longer, the route to the T where River Road intersects Seneca. There are many variations of this route including staying on River Road the whole time, River Road out and Glen back, or Glen out and River Road back as in this case:

A few notes:
– The routes posted start at 34th and Reservoir but the Sat group ride starts from the PNC bank at the corner of Wisconsin and M St
– The hill down and then back up from Great Falls Park is optional on the group ride
– On the group ride, everyone will stop to re-group at the BP station to refuel and pair up if you’d like to go further
– A lot of times the group ride will come back along Canal but when riding by yourself, would recommend coming back on Reservoir where there is less traffic

The cue sheets for all the Sat group ride routes including further out to Poolesville are on the website:

Some rules:
– You can ride the route anytime
– Please bring a mask and practice good social distancing if riding with others

Happy Riding!