Reply To: Rev3 Williamsburg Cancellation


Oh no!  I am so sorry to hear about your bike crash Kirsten!  This is definitely the scary part of triathlon.  The roads definitely are feeling a little more dangerous these days.  Good luck with your recovery.  Keep up with the PT so that you can race again when they do start back up.

And for Jason, you continue to be the energizer bunny! We can’t wait to see all of your improvements after the hard work you are putting in.  That said, I have been doing 10k challenges with many of my athletes.  What a great way to work on speed and pacing.  Many (most) athletes have a habit of going out too fast.  A 10k TT is a perfect way to work on this now instead of learning the hard way on race day.

In fact, if you want some ideas, here is what I have been doing.  You can’t move to the next challenge before you achieve the ‘goal’ of the effort.

#1 10k TT – Baseline

#2 10k TT – Negative Split

#3 10k TT – PR

Please be sure to put in plenty of space between practice races.  You can also do this with the 5k distance too.

We look forward to your fall FTP outcome since you have been cranking out the hard work on the trainer.  Crush that Zwift race (and put all of your new pacing strategies to good practice because they apply to your bike (and swim) too)!

Heal up Kirsten!