Reply To: Rev3 Williamsburg Cancellation


Well, there is a silver lining!  Nothing like talking to the race director and adjusting race day to suit the weather. 🙂  Glad you had perfect race day weather!

And it set you up for a successful race.  In fact, YOU set yourself up for a successful race venture.  You followed the training plan.  You kept consistent to your training.  And leading up to race day, you set realistic goals.  We often always default to the PR goal.  However often a faster race comes when you feel better at the end of the race.  They are not mutually exclusive!

Feeling better can happen from a host of variables and you seemed to do them all right.  You trained right and then you raced properly (target HR, nutrition, etc).  This set you up for a strong run, inclusive of a run/walk, which, too, is often a faster strategy than just ‘running.’  And you survived a swim after all of this!  Win win!

Congratulations on your successful race venture.  You put your hard work to good use and even learned a many good lessons (pacing, nutrition, etc).  Maybe the race director will consider another tri so you can secure those PJ bottoms 🙂

Awesome work Brian!