Reply To: General Training Advice Ahead of NTP

Kyoko Kawai

Hi Andrew,

This year NTP registration started 3 weeks earlier than previous years (usually registration opened end of January) in order to offer “early bird pricing” registration.   I am sorry that we have a relatively long wait time until Feb 27 program kick off.

Training plan (Sprint and Olympic workout plan) will be posted between March 14 and March 20 prior to the workout plan start date of March 21.

Since each NTP participant has different athletic background and fitness levels, we are planning to utilize the Feb 27 kick off meeting and March 6  & 13 clinics to provide fundamental info about training (interpretation of workout, etc.),  equipment/gear, injury prevention (run form, strength training, stretch, etc.).    That way, at least all NTP participants can start the training plan with basic knowledges even though the fitness levels of individual are different.

NTP workout plans start with very easy workout (short and easy) for both Sprint and Olympic distances.  For Olympic distance the first week would about total 2 hours of workout.  Some of NTP participants might be already exercising more than 2 hours a week.   According to the survey you filled out, you are already able to swim, run and bike.  Since your concern seems OWS, although we cannot practice OWS at this point, my advice for you would be go swimming at least 1-2 a week if you are not going swimming right now.  The more you swim, you would feel comfortable in the water and build your confidence.  You can bring the confidence to OWS.

Also it is always good to have strength training.

Here are some examples, can be repeat 2-3 sets and 2-3 times a week.   You can check YouTube video.   If you have access to gym/weights, you can add some weights workout, too.

  • Squats (15 total)
  • Bird Dogs(15 each)
  • Bridge (30 total)
  • Single-Leg Bridge (15 each)
  • Walking Lunge (30 total)
  • Clam Shells (15 each)
  • Tricep Push-Ups (up to10 total)
  • Front Plank (45 Seconds)
  • Side Plank (30 Seconds each side)

You are also welcome to join existing DC Tri Club’s group training like Sunday group run (please check the club’s weekly newsletter for more info.)

Happy Training!

I look forward to training with you soon.