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4/20 Saturday Ride Details:
  • Forecast: Upper 40s to start the ride, into the 60s by ride end. Partly cloudy. Going to be beautiful!
  • Meetup at Georgetown PNC Bank: 7:30AM
  • ALL paces welcome.
  • This is NOT a no-drop ride.
  • This loop is about 29 miles. The out and back into Great Falls Park around Mile 13 is entirely optional. It adds a descent to the turnaround and then a climb back out. Skipping this cuts out 2.3 miles of the route.
  • Remember that DCTriClub members can create a FREE account on Ride with GPS and connect to the Club’s account to get turn-by-turn directions on your mobile devices or can download the route for turn-by-turn directions on a Garmin/Suunto/similar device.
  • This is NOT a no-drop ride, but there will be a regroup at the BP gas station in Potomac around Mile 17.
  • While some people ride faster than others, ALL paces are welcome. And we encourage everyone to recruit friends who ride the same speed as you so that everyone has someone to ride with.
  • Remember, this route is 29 miles so your total mileage will be that PLUS whatever it takes you to bike to and from Georegtown.

LONGER Option: Up to whomever shows up. I am out this weekend for some training elsewhere. Have a great ride!