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    3rd Annual Coeur + DC Tri 100×100 Swim Challenge, Takoma Park, Sun Mar 31, 8:45 am

    FOR THE THIRD YEAR RUNNING (SWIMMING….) Time to prepare for the 100×100 swim challenge…Come swim and challenge yourself to do something outside your comfort zone… rack up some final NCC points for Swim Month…. whatever that means to you! All speeds and distances welcome. Feel free to invite others ♥

    VERY IMPORTANT: We need to be cognizant that we don’t have a permit to be having an “event” at the pool – sometimes pools can be strict about this because it has legal implications. SO, we are just a bunch of friends doing a workout! That means there won’t be any signs, anyone coaching on deck, everyone should bring their own mid-swim snacks, toys, etc. Also most importantly – if other pool-goers want to jo<span class=”text_exposed_show”>in in our lanes, be kind and welcoming! Heck, they can join the 100×100 if they want 🙂 we want to avoid other swimmers complaining that there is a “group” there.

    PRIZES: For those who attempt (and or smash) their goals (see below)

    GOALS: Just like years prior, there will be a clipboard – write down your goal or intention before you start! (e.g. complete the 100×100, swim for 500 continuous, don’t say “I’m slow” once in the water, don’t drown, etc.) Then check it off once you smash that goal!!

    TIME: Start time: pool opens 9a. Arrive at 8:45 for group pic and goodies 🙂 be ready to get started ASAP!

    WORKOUT: Coming Soon!</span>



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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