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    Hi all – a group of us are planning how to get out to Lake Anna for Peasantman. We unfortunately don’t have a single bike rack between us and we need to carry 4 bikes. Does anyone know of a place to rent/borrow a 4-bike rack and have recommendations for what type (roof, hitch, etc.)?

    Emily Feenstra

    Second that question! Any recommendations?

    David Eng

    Hey, not sure if there’s any place to rent.  To buy, only a hitch would fit a 4 bike rack.  Not sure if you want that for a one time use.  They are usually pretty expensive.

    For a 2 bike or 3 bike rack on your trunk, you can’t go wrong with Saris Bones.

    There are cheap bike racks by Allen Sports, but check the online review before you buy.  They would work, but the quality may be lacking and long term durability questionable.


    Top 10 Best Bicycle Racks for Cars


    Doesn’t quite solve your 4 bike issue, but I am selling a 3-bike rack for $75.


    You may also want to ask someone from the Club to transport the 4th bike for you. As bronxking said you need a really sturdy hitch mounted rack to carry 4 bikes.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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