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    Did anyone write down all the dates for the numerous events that were announced at last night’s members meeting?   Or is there somewhere this is listed on the site because I can’t find them on the website and I’m sure its going to take folks a while to update all the various pages. But there were dates announced for the training weekends, training tri’s, etc. and I would really like to see where they fit on my calendar for the season as soon as possible before I get too many other commitments.  Anyone that wrote these down, it would be much appreciated!  Thanks.


    PeasantMan Weekend.  May 6-7.  Over 300 DCTri club members will be there.  Saturday is a full day of training, picnic-ing,  and chillaxing with all kinds festivities.  Sunday is the race.  The Saturday event attracted about 200 people last year.  The entire Lake Anna campsite will be occupied by the folks in attendance.

    Video from last year –>>

    PeasantMan Registration URL –>>



    Check out Deep Creek Lake camping is in the summer, date TBD. There will be a third trip in the Fall.

    Date for Columbia bricnic has been set:
    Next bricnic will be closer to Nation’s tri, around August.

    Club races:
    Splash and Dash this weekend, other dates to be announced.

    Stay tuned to our weekly newsletter and website for date announcements.


    Lindsay Buffum

    Do we need to register to camp for Peasantman or is there adequate space?  Thanks for any additional info on that part!


    Lake Anna State Park itself has 4 types of lodging

    1.  2 Fancy 6 bedroom Lodges
    2.  Ten 2 bedrooms cabins
    3.  Six bunkbeds cabins, with bathrooms at about 50-100 yards away
    4.  40 Tent camp sites, each can take at least 4 tents

    Because there are a lot of DCTri folks who use PeasantMan as a training camp/socializing weekend, #1 and #2 are all gone.  They are usually gone about a year ahead of time.  This has happened very year for the past 3-4 years.  Even though it’s not officially a DCTri sponsored training camp weekend, it is, by far, the biggest get together of DCTri club members of any training camp that you will ever attend.  We expect about 150 DCTri club members (and another 50-ish non-club members) on Saturday and 300+ on race day.  This is not an accident.  We built it in a manner that makes it fun for folks so that they return every year.

    For #3, there is one left.

    For #4, 38 of the 40 campsites are gone.

    I would suggest that you either jump on it now or risk not getting one once more people sign up for the race.  If you do get a campsite, please share it with others since it can comfortably take 3 more tents.  Plus, you’ll have other DCTri members to cook smoores with at night 🙂

    Of course, you can always rent a hotel outside of the park.  There is also a nearby campsite that can take tents, but none of these options are inside of the Lake Anna State Park.





    Thank you for the information on upcoming events. A number of us at the winter running group were talking about the Columbia Bricnic timing overlapping with the Skyline Drive Car Free day that was just announced. We realized they are both on the same weekend :(. I know it is hard to plan club events and get permits, but if there is enough support, would the club consider looking at other dates for the Bricnic– April 15 or 29?

    I know some of the strongest triathletes in the club will do both, but I think many of us won’t have the strength or time to do that 🙁


    Hi Max – we actually reserve the pavilion for the Columbia bricnic a year in advance, because it is hard to get them otherwise. That and the bricnic is more important than the Skyline ride 😉 though like you said both are possible on the same weekend.



    Or just go to Skyline Drive another weekend. It’s open all the time! 🙂 I can’t go that weekend on Sunday, but I’d probably prefer to go another weekend anyway. Riding with 100s to 1000s of cyclists taking over the whole road (especially on the descents) does not appeal to me as much as riding with 10-20 cars that pass slowly and get out of my way quickly. But that’s probably just me!



    Regarding PeasantMan lodging: if you can’t find a camp site or if you don’t want to camp, would one recommend driving down for the event or getting a motel near Lake Anna?

    Ronald Adomako


    Do we know whether there is a way to automate calendar updates from DC Tri’s event calendar to personal calendar?


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