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    This is an opportunity to participate in a research study on running injury and foam rolling. If you participate you get a free treadmill VO2 max test and 2 metabolic training sessions. The official email and contact info is below:

    The UMD Neuromechanics Lab is seeking volunteers for a study investigating the effects of self-myofascial release (SMR) with the foam roller on running. SMR is a method of self-massage where you use your bodyweight to apply pressure to muscles and connective tissue via a hard foam roller. SMR has been shown to have positive effects on recovery after fatiguing exercise, however no studies have investigated if use prior to running affects gait mechanics. The purpose of this study is to compare ground reaction forces in fatigued running with and without prior SMR.

    Your participation involves metabolic testing and high-intensity running on a treadmill, and running and jumping in a lab. The total amount of time required is no more than 4.5 hours total over 3 visits. An optional component of the study involved drawing small amounts of blood. You may participate in the study without undergoing any blood draws.

    Inclusion criteria are (1) age between 18-35 years, (2) run at least 3 times per week,

    (3) have not sustained an injury in the past 6 months, (4) have no history of tibial stress fracture, (5) perform SMR with the foam roller or another tool less than once per week on average.

    You will be compensated $20 and receive a report summarizing your maximal oxygen consumption test results. Please contact Jessica Hunter ( if you would like to participate.

    Thank you!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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