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    Club members… time is running out to get a gear order in for the upcoming group buy.  It you’re in the NTP program and want a kit before you race… if you need to replace some gear… or for any other reason need to submit a gear order in the upcoming group buy, it is STRONGLY suggested you take advantage of the opportunities presented this week to try on said gear!  (Especially if this is your first gear order).

    Sean Maloney is our hard-charging gear expert and he is hosting 2 more sessions this week at his house… 603 7th Street SW, Washington, DC 20024.  One TONIGHT from 6-8 pm and one Saturday from 10-2.  There will be a sign on his front door welcoming tri club members.
    If you plan on stopping by Sean’s house for the fit kit it would be nice if you could drop a note here on this thread so he has an idea of who to expect.

    Don’t miss out on the fit kits!

    Maggie Spicer

    What is the cut off for the group buy and will we be able to order individually after? Not sure if there is a price difference with either option. Also do you know if there will be gear to try on at the bike clinic this week?

    David Eng

    There will be no fit kit to try on at the NTP bike clinic. I highly suggest going tonight or Saturday. Might be the last time to try it on.

    David Eng
    NTP Co-Lead

    Claire Miller

    Hi there! Unfortunately I won’t be able to make either of the try-on times. A couple of questions: first, what is the deadline to purchase through the group buy? Also: as I look through the gear shop online, I don’t see all the sizes listed for some items. Does this mean those sizes are sold out?




    Some answers to your questions in today’s newsletter, content which is now also in

    Balaji Natarajan

    I will be on Saturday at 10 am. Thanks!


    Kate Harrigan

    I will also be coming on Saturday at 10am.


    Shelly Scarborough

    I’ll be coming by Saturday around 1015am. Thanks!

    Balaji Natarajan

    Thanks for the fit kit session. I want to buy a tri power skin but i am not able to order from the site as it says the item does not exist. How can I pre-order?



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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