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    Does anyone in the DC area (ideally with Kaiser Permanente insurance, but I can switch) have a good GP? I’m so sick of having doctors whose answer to anything is “well, stop doing sports for a month or two and see what happens.” Alas, most of the medical industry is geared toward making sick people not-sick, as opposed to healthy people be their best. They are missing half the bell curve here! Thankfully, on the physical therapist side, we have places like Rose PT, which are geared toward athletes and extremely supportive of our needs. But I’ve yet to find someone like that as a primary care doctor. If you have a good one, please share! — KT

    David Gordi

    Hi KT, you can try to explore the option of One Medical Doctors – they have an office in Dupont Circle. A friend of mine was there, and they’ve recommended him physical therapy with a local, independent physical therapist in Washington, DC –

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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