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    I’m selling a pair of HED carbon wheels. I’m the only owner, and these wheels were purchased directly from HED. They feature HED hubs and the company’s wide C2 rims.

    In my opinion, and based on reading I’ve done over the years… The 60/90 combo offers the perfect aerodynamic compromise. The deeper wheel in back provides maximum aero benefit, and the shallower wheel in front minimizes the impact crosswinds can have on handling. This combo also offers weight savings v. running a pair of HED 90s or Zip 808s – or for that matter, a pair of tri-spokes.

    These wheels were only ridden on my tri-bike, during races. Seriously – that’s it. I race three or four triathlons of varying distances each year. The wheels saw zero training miles. Also, only one cassette was ever mounted. The cassette body does not show any notches.

    These wheels have performed beautifully. They are great! I’m selling to fund another bike project.

    I purchased the wheels through a collegiate cycling team discount program, which is why I have been able to price them lower than the market norm.

    E-mail me at mail@sidelfamily.com if you would like to discuss, and/or would like me to e-mail you photos.



    The wheels been sold.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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