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    The Masters Swimming State of the Program


    In looking back at the past year, we, the coaches of the DC Tri Club Masters Swimming Program (MSP) are proud of your accomplishments and we would like to thank you for an amazing 2016-2017 season. We’ve had swimmers win their age groups, swimmers learn how to strategize and execute races, and even witnessed some swimmers go from barely able to swim to being able to churn out endless laps. Thank you for making our program successful.


    We are excited that another season is coming with it’s new challenges and goals. To help you accomplish these goals, we are changing as well.


    MSP will be implementing a cohesive year long program with defined periods from offseason/base building to race season. There are many facets of swimming and we would like to help you by applying a focus on technique, volume, speed and taper at the right times of the season. In November, we will be starting this year long program with an emphasis on correcting technique, building swim fitness and introducing swim tools. As the season unfolds, we will be introducing new skills to develop and refine as well as a progressive workout plan that builds upon previous sessions.


    MSP will help track your progress and meet your goals through routine testing. We will also maintain individual records for each swimmer so that there is consistent instruction across each of our coaches. By letting coaches know individual goals and aspirations, swimmers will have workouts tailored to them.


    New in 2017-2018, MSP will utilize social media to post workouts, challenges, and to support our community of swimmers and triathletes. Keep an eye out for updates to the program!


    Further details will be posted as the season progresses, but if you have questions please feel free to ask!


    Thank you and happy swimming from all of us,

    The Masters Swimming Program Coaches


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