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    Erik Guercio

    I would like to introduce myself to my fellow members on DC Tri Club’s forums. My name is Erik Guercio and I recently joined the club and I am a member of the 2022 Elite Team. I realized I forgot to post my introduction thread when I said “you can also find me on the forum if you need anything else” during Sunday’s NTP clinics and then remembered I never actually introduced myself. I really enjoyed meeting the NTP participants — it was a great clinic and everyone had a lot of talent.

    I started swimming in July 2017 and I could barely swim 25 yards freestyle. My first race was Escape the Cape in 2018. My favorite races are Tri AC and Savageman (RIP). My best performance was at Waterman’s 2021 race, long course, and it’s also the race where I got to talk more with DC Tri Club and Elite Team members. I am hilariously bad at swimming compared to biking and running.

    I also started a instagram account @triathlonsmile account and my strava account is under my regular name. I am triathlonsmile because this sport brings a smile to my face and I try to spread that joy around.

    Other than triathlons, I like cats (let’s be clear: I really like cats), many other types of animals, PC gaming (Yuinergos is my handle), cooking, frozen custard, Lancaster, PA and Atlantic City, NJ.

    I am having a blast meeting club members! Cheers everyone!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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