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    Nikki Layser

    Quick question — I’ve been spinning on a dumb bike (e.g. no electric monitors, hey I got what I got) – and using the awesome Peleton app as a guide for workouts. I’m doing Eagleman and unlike every other triathlete on the planet, am super freaked out about the bike. Any sense of what a spin to miles conversion might be? Or how I might frame my effort in light of being on the road?

    Tony Diaz

    Hi. I was in your shoes when my trainer went down.. I know where my heart rate averaged at a certain cadence and for my training Watts… so I just simply rode on a spin bike for 1.5 hours…. with tension that kept my heart rate at 145…. I hope this helps.. happy training!


    You might ask Ron Benedict, the head of the club’s spinning program. Or Yuchin, one of the spin instructors.


    I am definitely not an expert in all things bike / tech, but if you are using your own bike on a trainer, you can get a cheap (like $25?) bicycle computer (like a tiny cateye) and as long as it is wireless (most are, these days), you can mount the sensor on your back wheel and crank and it’ll tell you your speed/cadence/mileage.  I like to keep my cadence to around 90RPM and adjust the resistance from there depending on how hard your peloton workout is telling you to go.  (I’m sure folks have many different opinions/advice, but I think that’s a really simple rule of thumb.)

    If you have a multisport garmin, you can also buy just the sensor that will transmit to your garmin.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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