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    I passed the lottery stage and I have 2 days to sign in.

    It’s sounds like a great event, however, before spending $300!! for registration, I would like to hear feedback from people that know more about this event and about training for it.

    Thanks, Oron.


    I realize this after your 2 day window, but wanted to give some feedback about the event. I’ve swum the past two years (2015, 2016) and am registered for this year as well. It is a great event! Super cool to get to swim across the bay and under/between the bridges. It is well organized. I would recommend it to all triathletes from this area to do at least once.

    Also, to soften the $300 registration fee – I believe the entire fee is tax deductible as a donation to the March of Dimes organization.

    As far as training goes, my longest workouts were in the 6000-6500m range and I did some 1-hr straight swims to help prepare.

    Let me know if there are any other questions I can (attempt to) answer for you.

    Hope to see you on the beach.


    Kate Kaufer

    Hi — I just got into the Bay Swim in Lottery #3 :).

    Mike (or others who have done this before …) — can you describe your training a bit in terms of frequency of weekly swims and how much emphasis on time/distance vs. technique, and overall build schedule to prepare?  I’m about 5 months out now, training for the Rock ‘n Roll Halfmarathon, and also doing the Offseason Spin Program. I swim 3x/week now and was thinking of bumping that up to 4x/week about 2 months out and then adding the open water swims at the National Harbor once they start up again.  I plan on continuing bike/run/strength … too ambitious?  Would appreciate any feedback/advice. Thanks!


    Hi Kate – That all sounds good about picking up to 4x/week.  I’ll probably start that up in late April.  I also plan to work up to 1-2 10k swims in May along with some OWS at Sandy Point.  At $300, this might be one and done for me.  Should be a great event!     -Hugh


    There is also a 1 mile swim associated with this event that is only $65 that you can sign up for.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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