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    Week 7

    Swimmers, there are just few more weeks of this calendar year and hopefully you have not just jumped back into the pool for the upcoming season, but, you have also thought about how you’d like to approach your swim training.

    This morning, we held our first technique clinic of the 2018 season with 20 participants at the Catholic University Pool. Led by Coach Katie, our experienced coaching team walked through demonstrations and guided exercises to focus on the basics of body position and pulling mechanics. This clinic matches up to our current offseason/preseason phase focus. If you attended our clinic, you’ll notice many similar technique cues in our practices.

    If you missed our clinic, but wanted to attend, we have another clinic on 1/14/18 that is an identical repeat of the first clinic held today. For more information, please see our Upcoming Events section below!

    Lastly, for your awareness, each year the DC Department of Parks and Rec shuts down each pool for a period of time for maintenance. This year, the Wilson Aquatic Center will be shut down beginning Sunday, January 7 through Sunday, January 14, 2018. The facility is expected to re-open on Monday, January 15, 2018. Unfortunately, there will be no accommodations from the DC DPR to provide us lanes at other pools and as such, we will suspend evening practices at Wilson during that week. We will, however, still have practices at UDC in the mornings and all evening swimmers are invited to attend AM practice. We will work with our Non-Morning Only Monthly Unlimited Swimmers to provide compensation as all other passes should not be affected.

    If there are any questions regarding the clinics or the Wilson shutdown in January, please email us!

    Thank you and see you on deck!

    Masters Swim Coaches

    Find us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/212967452505458/


    Upcoming Events:

    MSP Swim Clinic #2: January 14th, 9-11AM This two hour technique intensive clinic at the Catholic University Pool is designed to focus on body position, stroke mechanics and to build confidence in the pool for beginner to intermediate triathletes. This small group environment will make good use of a low swimmer to coach ratio and will send swimmers home with individual drills and concepts to reinforce corrections to issues discussed in class. Swimmers should be able to swim 200 yards non-stop, bring hydration, and be open to stroke correction. This clinic is identical to Swim Clinic #1 on 12/10/17.

    Sign Up Here: https://goteamup.com/p/21123-dc-triathlon-club-swim-pr/courses/21674/

    Workouts for the week:

    3×20 Resistance Cord Pulls

    Warm Up:
    300 EZ
    4×150 as 50 Kick w/Snorkel & Board, 50 Catchup Drill with Snorkel, 50 Swim on 20s Rest
    **Kick should be done with head down, hands gripping the side bottom of the board with arms fully extended and lightly squeezing the head
    **Catch up Drill should be done slowly and with focus that hands are entering in front of the shoulder and pulling straight back

    200 Pull with Snorkel and Paddles @ 60% Focus on pull mechanics w/30s rest
    4×100 @ 80% on 15 sec rest

    200 Pull with Paddles @ 70%. Try to keep head steady between breaths w/45s rest
    5×100 @ 80% on 15 sec rest

    200 Pull @ 80% w/30 sec rest
    6×100 @ 80% on 15 sec rest

    200 Warm Down


    3×20 Resistance Cord Pulls

    Warm Up:
    300 EZ w/Snorkel
    10×50: 25 Catch Up Drill (SLOWLY), 25 Swim @ 60% w/ 20s Vertical Kicking at Each Deep End
    **Swimmers – Pay attention to body position. The body, while kicking, should be perfectly straight, without any bending

    200 Build 60-90% by 50
    **Have four distinct speeds

    Main Set:
    100 Fast @90% on 15s
    200 Pull @60% on 20s
    300 as 100@70%, 100@90%, 100@70%on 30s
    400 Pull with Snorkel and Paddles @60% on 45s
    400 as 100@70%, 100@90% (repeat) on 45s
    300 Pull with Snorkel Only @60% on 30s
    200 as 100@70%, 100@90% on 1′
    100 Fast @90%

    200 Warm Down


    3×20 Resistance Cord Pulls

    300 EZ w/Snorkel
    4×100 as 25 Kick on back, 25 Left Arm Only, 25 Right Arm Only, 25 Swim on 20s Rest
    **Kick should be done with Arms in a tight streamlined position behind the head, with an emphasis on keeping the belly button at the surface of the water
    **Left and Right Arm Only drills should be done with the non pulling arm extended with hand in front of shoulder. Do not allow hands to come together.

    4×50 Descend 1-4 60-90% on 10s Rest


    200 Pull with Snorkel and Paddles @60%
    150 Pull with Paddles @70%
    100 Swim with Paddles @70%
    50 Fast with Paddles @90%

    200 Pull with Paddles @60%
    150 Pull @70%
    100 Swim @70%
    50 Fast @90%

    200 Pull @60%
    150 Swim @70%
    100 Swim @80%
    50 Fast @90%

    200 Swim @70%
    150 Swim @80%
    100 Fast @90%
    50 Fast @100%

    200 Warmdown

    Masters Swim Program (MSP) | DC Tri Club

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