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    Welcome to our new website! We hope you like what you see as we have and continue to put a lot of work into the site, much of which happens behind the scenes. Please keep in mind that the site is not perfect, and it is an ongoing project. We are aware of various issues, and we will attend to them as we get through our list of priorities. Thank you for your patience, given our volunteer capacity constraints. Over time, we will be adding new functionality to the site.

    Please login and play around. If you have any trouble, help us improve the site by reporting any bugs to the Director of Web and Technology at web@dctriclub.org.

    Finally, want to look up content from the old site? It is available at archive.dctriclub.org. Please note that the old site will only temporarily remain available.


    SWEET!  Thanks to everyone who made this happen.

    Adam Stolzberg

    Nice job and keep up the good work!


    hello world!


    Nice job! The site looks great.


    We apologize for the forum avatar function being a bit glitchy. They weren’t uploading properly when the site went live and then we noticed that all avatar pictures were getting dumped into the main media folder on the back end of the site, which would have created a disorganized mess of images. So we are working on getting that sorted out so we don’t have 1000s of avatar images in our main media folder!


    Great job on the new site!


    Nice you don’t have to sign in every time.

    Unclear how you start a new topic thread.

    Can you post fotos to the Gallery?


    To start a new topic, you first have to navigate down to the subforum level where you wish to create a new topic. The fields for creating a new topic are shown under the list of existing topics.

    For example:

    1. Navigate to Forums › Training › Swim
    2. Under the list of existing topics, you’ll see a section titled Create New Topic in “Swim”
    3. Enter a title and content
    4. Click Submit


    Members cannot directly post to the Gallery at this time. Member-generated content is welcome, and so you can submit photos to me at web@dctriclub.org to get them posted. (Of course, copyrighted images and other reasonable conditions apply here.) We will be looking into the possibilities of how we can use the best use the Gallery in the future beyond its core upload-and-display functionality.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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