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Background & Special Conditions:
This position description is for an independent contractor whose title will be “Assistant Program Director.” As currently contemplated, this position will be supported by two separate organizations—ACHIEVE Kids Tri, Inc. and the D.C. Triathlon Club -- both ACHIEVE and the D.C. Triathlon Club will contract with the successful applicant separately for his or her services.  

As a separate matter the D.C. Triathlon Club and ACHIEVE have committed to one another to provide a minimal level of funding to support this position.  

This position will be an interim position.

Assistant Program Director

Contract Payment:
The total contract amount will be $30,000. Note: the position will be paid as a 1099 independent contractor. Benefits will not be provided.

The position will be based in Washington, DC and have access to space at the Greater Washington Sports Alliance (GWSA) offices.

Basic Function:
The successful applicant will provide administrative support to both the D.C. Triathlon Club and ACHIEVE Kids Tri, they will run the ACHIEVE summer program in D.C., and assist with fundraising and coordinating the other ACHIEVE camp locations. In addition, as part of the duties for the D.C. Triathlon Club, the successful applicant will serve as Brand Ambassador for the Competitor Group, which entails representing the organization, helping to publicize its events and generally raising brand-awareness of its races.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist ACHIEVE with its ongoing fund-raising activities, including:
    • Helping to develop and “sell” corporate sponsorship packages or supporting volunteers to do so.
    • Approaching or supporting board members and volunteers in approaching individual donors.
    • Writing or helping to write grants.
    • Tracking key grant submission deadlines, report due dates and other milestones for ACHIEVE.
    • Ensuring that every donor receives an acknowledgment.
  • Conduct community outreach and P.R. for ACHIEVE and the D.C. Triathlon Club, including:  
    • Assisting with the planning and execution of periodic e-newsletters (weekly for the D.C. Triathlon Club, 3-5 times per year for ACHIEVE).
    • Updating content on each organization’s social media platforms.
    • Helping to plan and execute each organization’s presence at industry expos (e.g., the Nation's Triathlon Expo and the MultiSport Expo).
    • Coordinating the development of marketing collateral (print and digital) as needed.
  • Administer ACHIEVE and the D.C. Triathlon Club, including: 
    • Working closely with the appropriate Board member to support the D.C. Triathlon Club's customer service function by answering questions from members and coordinating required action toward member complaints and/or concerns.
    • Acting as a liaison between the D.C. Triathlon Club’s VP - Head of Operations and its merchandise distributor (NovaRetail) to maintain up-to-date inventory records.
    • Assisting the D.C. Triathlon Club’s Director of Programs to carry out the administrative duties of the club's growing portfolio of paid Training Programs.
    • Assisting with the collection and tracking of club expenses and receipts.
    • Providing administrative support as-needed to each organization’s officers and directors.
    • Corresponding with D.C. Triathlon Club members & prospects
    • Corresponding with ACHIEVE donors
    • Serving as a liaison with each organizations’ President.
    • Assisting in the development of budgets and track adherence to budgets for each organization.
    • Keeping or helping to keep each organizations’ books and records.
    • Managing logistics for events, activities and meetings, including but not limited to venue coordination, event marketing, registration management, catering/food orders, etc., maintain master calendars.
  • Maintain and update ACHIEVE and DC Triathlon Club websites including:  
    • Developing and maintaining a comprehensive FAQ section on the each organization’s website,
    • Updating the content on each organization’s website as needed.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with relevant community stakeholders and the multi-sport community.
  • Run the ACHIEVE D.C. summer camp program, including:
    • Acting as a liaison with the District’s Department of Parks and Recreation (D.C. P.R.);
    • Recruiting participants and coaches; negotiating the agreement with D.C. P.R.;  acting as a liaison with U.S.A. Triathlon (USAT); and
    • With coaches and consultants, organizing and running the end-of-camp race.
  • Coordinate and/or assist in the coordination of various ACHIEVE sites across the country, including:
    • Ensuring that ACHIEVE-branded items are ordered and delivered to sites as planned;
    • Ensuring that correct art is used for ACHIEVE-branded items purchased by sites locally;
    • Organizing periodic conference calls;
    • Funds permitting, organizing one in-person meeting;
    • Assisting with formalizing relationships between ACHIEVE headquarters and various camp sites.  
  • Other tasks as requested.

Special Education/Experience Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree required, at least three years of experience in nonprofit management and demonstrated experience in the administration of (a) sports program(s) (youth or adult) or youth extracurricular programs. Must have excellent written and oral communication skills. Event management experience highly desirable. Other demonstrably relevant experience may be considered. Must have understanding of web usage, listservs, and other web-based outreach efforts highly desirable.

Special Knowledge/Skills Requirements:
Entrepreneurial attitude required.  Exemplary organizational ability, combined with extremely robust initiative and strong written communications skills. Self-starter, requiring minimal supervision. Strong interpersonal skills, poise, mature judgment. Must also have strong presentation and networking skills. Further, as the successful candidate will be working for two distinct, separate (albeit similar) organizations, he or she must be a paragon of discretion and diplomacy with the ability to keep each organization’s confidences and balance competing demands without constant recourse to the organizations’ principals.  

Apply For Position
To apply for this position, send a resume and cover letter to Please send to the attention of Ryan Troll, President DC Tri Club and Ona Alston Dosunmu, President ACHIEVE Kids Tri