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APRIL 16, 2014 * News
UPDATE: Training Tri Sat now a Duathlon

Update: Racer instructions sent.
The water temperature is currently 53 deg. Due to this and the cold forecast this week, next 3 nights in the mid-high 30's, the swim portion is off. FXCM made this call today. Their USMS insurance may not cover them if something bad were to happen if it's found that due diligence was not exercised. No one wants to see any ambulances at any race let alone a fun Training Tri.
Instead of the swim, we're going to have a 1.3 mile run instead starting from the water exit.  All else will be the same.
We are very sorry for this.  Mother nature has not been playing nicely.
We hope you still come out and enjoy the venue and hopefully, nice weather.
For all registrants, we will email out a $10 discount code good towards any
future club race this year.
More info and details will be posted and sent to all registrants and volunteers soon.

PLEASE consider volunteering!

A spreadsheet and map that details the duties and positions of all of the volunteers has been made.  Email with any questions. More info...

APRIL 16, 2014 * Highlights
Priority Registration to IM Maryland
Update from IM Triclub Program:
Folks - today we received a number of emails from your athletes telling us that they did not receive the early registration link for IM Maryland. We looked into this and discovered that there was a problem in the data that was sent to the coaches/team leads. When your athlete's preregistered their email addresses were not captured by Active so they were never sent the link to register. We have corrected this.
Your athletes will have until 11:59 this eve to follow the link and pre-register. They will then receive a VIP INVITE from Active to register. Please ask them to NOT use work emails as they frequently block Active.

Link and password updated on the MEMBERS-ONLY PARTNER PAGE >>.  As usual, please don't share the link and password.

MARCH 31, 2014 * Highlights
CUA Swims
DC Tri Club has all 6 lanes of the Catholic University pool on Mon/Wed evenings, 6:30-8:00 pm, starting Feb 10 through Aug 27. The fee will be $5 cash for each practice to cover the pool rental and lifeguards. 3-4 workouts at various levels will be provided, and Paul Waas (CUA head swim coach) will be on deck to provide assistance. More info...

MARCH 1, 2014 * Special Offers
2014 ITU Chicago Triathlon Bike Transport
Bike transport is SOLD OUT!  Waitlist process and other pertinent info...

For the 2014 ITU Chicago Triathlon, we secured a deal with USA Triathlon to take our bikes from Washington DC to Chicago and back. 


JANUARY 27, 2014 * News
2014 Olympic Distance Speed Program
Class 1 registration NOW OPEN!

From a participant last year: "This program was better than the private coach/program I had and paid for in previous years. I was impressed with the structure, quality and quantity of the workouts."

For those who have the desire to race faster. To go from the back of the pack to the middle of the pack, from the middle of the pack to the front of the pack, from fast to faster, the Olympic Distance Speed Program is back again this year! And after all of the rave reviews of the program from last year, we are back with two classes this year!

ODSP Class 1
Registration Opens: NOW OPEN!
Program Begins: February 24, 2014
Goal Race: Black Bear Triathlon June 1, 2014

ODSP Class 2
Registration Opens: May 2014
Program Begins: June 2014
Goal Race: Nation's Triathlon September 7, 2014


JUNE 12, 2013 * Why I Tri
Age Group Training Diaries - Rachel Eberhard #4
Every season will come with finding yourself looking for a little extra inspiration to keep you going. How do you find it? Where do you look for it? Rachel Eberhard tells us how she finds inspiration in the middle of a races season that just doesn't want to cooperate to pull her through. Check out this fourth installment of her training diaries.

MAY 29, 2013 * Why I Tri
Age Group Training Diaries - Claudia Blackburn #3
We continue with the third entry from Age Group triathlete Claudia Blackburn, aka "Ironmaiden".

At altitude she challenges herself in a triathlon training camp. Find out just how difficult it is to swim 25 yards and be out of breath as she takes us through her latest adventure!


MAY 17, 2013 * Why I Tri
Age Group Training Diaries - Ben Lookner #3
This week we learn more in the third installment of the Age Group training diaries from Ben Lookner. Ben describes how his tactics have evolved since last season. What changed? What's new? Is he still peeing on his waterbottles?

MAY 15, 2013 * Why I Tri
The Training Diaries - Lindsey Jerdonek #8
"The Training Diaries" is a monthly series of posts by Lindsey Jerdonek, a DC Tri Club member, and third-year professional triathlete. In January 2012 Lindsey quit her day job and made the move to racing as a full-time pro triathlete.  This is the eigth installment of her epic journey through triathlon awesomeness.