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MAR 9, SAT 10:30 - 12:30 AM * Community Events
Gear Swap and Sale!
After the fun from racing the club's 1st duathlon (of 2013) in the morning, come on over the club first ever Gear Swap/Sale!


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 That's right, thanks to Bethany (simba2109), for setting this up, we're gonna have our first ever Gear Swap/Sale!

When: Saturday, March 9th 2013  

Q: How do I add my stuff I want to sell or swap?
A: Just add it to this google spreadsheet!

Q: Do I have to swap and/or sell anything?
A: Nope, there's no obligation here.

Most sellers/swappers will prefer cash but others forms of payment such as paypal may be used if both parties agree.

For more info and to ask any other questions, please look at the forum here!