2020 Member Spotlight – Meghan Tighe

February, 2020

How did you get involved in triathlons?

I’m a lifelong runner but have never been interested in running more than a 10 mile race. I grew up riding my bike around my town and swimming at our public pool. When I moved to DC, I joined a running group and mentioned to someone that I’d been wanting to TRI a TRI. She suggested I join this group she had heard about called “DC Tri Club”, and here I am !!

What was your first triathlon?

A race up in Massachusetts that I did with a friend. I wore a swim cap color that identified me as a “new swimmer”…..and was the only one in the entire race to do so. Woops! I finished the swim with no problems.

What is the biggest mistake you’ve made in a triathlon?

A couple tri’s back my ankle time-chip fell off my leg during the swim….so there went my official time! I blame the velcro.

Do you have any memorable races or experiences?

My little sister and I have raced each other a couple times now. She hasn’t beaten me yet but has always been on my tail and I’ve found being chased to be pretty motivating!

What do you enjoy outside of triathlon?

Outside of triathlon?! Masters Swimming of course.

Any fun facts about yourself that you’d like to share?

A few years ago I walked the second half of the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain. We did about 180 miles over two weeks or so. It was a triathlon in it’s own way.