DC Triathlon Club

Cindy Hutchings

June, 2018

Cindy began her triathlon career in 1987 with 2 BudLight tris with a very fun group of friends.  There was no training, a borrowed hybrid bike and a visit to the medical tent. Apparently hydration is important, especially in heat.  Then life got in the way with grad school and family. As I was trying to shed baby #2 weight one day, a gym friend encouraged me to try triathlons again.  I signed up for the Columbia Triathlon, loaded my son in the baby jogger and scouted the course. I have been hooked ever since. Exercise has always been a sanity release for me.  In fact, my kids as toddlers would tell me “Mommy needs a turn now” and I always used my “turn” for exercise. Some things never change….


Date of Birth/Location: March 13 in Massachusetts
Years Racing: 15+  Height: 5’3″

Athletic Background:  Swimmer in high school, and always learning many new sports so I can keep moving.

Strengths on the course: Swim and determination but the bike and run are improving
Goals for 2019: Qualify for Worlds in the Olympic/Standard and 70.3 distances and crush some dreams in this year’s World Championships

Favorite Places To Train:  Potomac/Poolesville (and I live in VA)
Family Status: married with two adorable kids that are about to make me an empty nester
Little known fact about me: Huge procrastinator but once I get going, it gets done
Favorite Races: ITU World Championships – the crowd energy is amazing.  Also any race I don’t get a flat.
Favorite Result: Finishing my first race and wanting to do it again!
Favorite thing when not swimming, biking, or running: traveling and being with family
Favorite Food: dark chocolate of course!
Fav Race Distance: Oly/70.3
Favorite Race Moment: Passing younger folks on the run!



2019 Schedule:

  • Annapolis Half Marathon
  • Ironman 70.3 Worlds Nice
  • ITU Worlds Lausanne – Olympic and Sprint
  • USAT Age Group Nationals – Olympic and Sprint
  • Local races to be determined
  • MidEast Club Championships
  • Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico
  • Rock n Roll USA Half Marathon
  • Lots of DCRRC races in the winter



2018 Schedule:

  • Annapolis Half Marathon
  • Nations (may it RIP)
  • USAT Age Group Nationals – Olympic and Sprint
  • Rev 3 Williamsburg Olympic
  • Escape from Alcatraz!!!! 
  • Bear Triathlon
  • Rock n Roll USA Half Marathon
  • Lots of DCRRC races in the winter