DC Triathlon Club

2022 Member Spotlight – Charlie Taylor

September, 2022


How long have you been in the DC Tri Club? Why did you join?
I joined DC Tri last year after several old soccer teammates of mine starting doing triathlons and posting about their impressive workouts on social media. It made me feel incredibly inadequate, so I wondered if I could take a stab at it. It was a bit of an odd time to join, since most club events were canceled due to the pandemic. I also had no idea how to swim or bike, but fortunately YouTube videos proved to be a good starting point.

How long have you been a triathlete?
Luray 2022 was the 1-year anniversary of my first triathlon. I haven’t gotten a whole lot faster, but I definitely don’t feel as exhausted after the race is over, which is nice.

How many races, or highlights from any special races?
I’ve now done 3 sprints, and 2 olympics. Highlights: On two occasions, old men have tried to out-sprint me at the finish, and both times, I beat them. Other than that, the camaraderie among club members is the highlight!

What do you like best about the club?
It’s so supportive! Whenever I’ve done an event, whether it’s a timed race or a club training event, the amount of cheering and positivity has been fantastic.

Anything you would like to see the club do, or do better?
I would like to see a brick+bakeoff event in the style of the Great British Baking Show. Everyone would have to bring a baked good to be judged. Bryan would play the role of Paul Hollywood, Kyoko would play Mary Berry (or Prue), Jules and Juene would play Mel and Sue, and David would play Noel Fielding.

Personal goals, athletic goals?
My athletic goal is to do the half-ironman program next year and compete in both the Maryland 70.3 and the Madison, WI 70.3.

Where are you from / How long have you lived here?
Originally from Los Angeles, then nearly a decade in Madison, WI while I worked on my doctorate in political science, then moved to DC in 2018.