Welcome to the DC Triathlon Club's general informational page about the DC Triathlon Club Elite Team Program. We strive to provide opportunities for athletes of all abilities by offering a suite of training programs that encompasses every aspect of progression through the sport of triathlon. The journey begins with the New Triathlete Program (NTP) and ends with the Elite Team Program (ETP).

The mission of the ETP is to give the fastest triathletes in the DC Metropolitan area the opportunity to train and race together as a team.  By doing so, we provide these athletes with the support structure and resources necessary to reach the highest levels of competition.

Leading by example, these athletes foster competitive drive throughout the club and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.


What is the Taveekan / DC Triathlon Club Elite Team About?

In 2012 DC Tri Club and Snapple Tri Team merged their elite amateur teams to provide a more structured and cohesive team while promoting both clubs in a non-competitive environment. This combined force worked together for five amazing years showcasing some of the Washington DC area's top talent. In 2018, the DC Triathlon Club Elite Team is proud to bring on Taveekan Capital as our title sponsor! This exciting partnership will allow us to continue to work to develop elite amateur level talent to represent the larger DC Triathlon Club! Though their race results enhance the visibility of the club and its sponsors, these athletes also serve as mentors, role models, and volunteers, thus contributing to the overall success of the club and proudly supporting Taveekan Capital.

Taveekan is a specialized family of investment funds and service companies dedicated to helping Federal IT companies grow providing both capital and time, "capital++", to select companies to help the owners achieve their financial and corporate goals. They focus on companies providing Cyber Security, Software Development, IT infrastructure, Cloud Computing, and Systems Engineering services to the Intelligence Community, DoD, DHS and related markets.


"We invest more than money – we invest our time and our experience too – Capital++."


They are seasoned business owners, technology attorneys, finance professionals, marketing experts and of course, technologists. All very specific skill sets required to help your start-up or emerging IT consulting business grow.

  • IT Fund I: Early-stage private equity fund proving capital, knowledge, and management to Federal IT service companies.
  • IT Fund II: Private equity investments in emerging to mid-size Government contractors serving the intelligence, DoD, DHS and related markets.
  • Finance Fund I: Short-term advances against invoices with either prime or sub contracts with the U.S. Federal Government contractors.
  • Finance Fund II: Recapitalization or acquisition financing for U.S. Government contractors serving the intelligence, DoD, DHS and related markets.



The 2019 Taveekan / DC Triathlon Club Elite Team




Team Manager

  • Trevor Albert



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