2022 Team Application Overview

Thank you for your interest in applying for the 2022 DC Triathlon Club Elite Team. Please read the following information and guidelines before you begin assembling the information requested in the application form!

  • While the application process is open to all, this is a sponsored amateur elite level Team and we expect athletes to consistently place at the top of their age group and overall categories, hold a high USAT Overall/Women Overall Score (which suggests around an 90 or higher), and race competitively on all levels (local, national, and global).
  • You do not have to be a member of DCTriClub to apply for the Team however, if selected, you must be an active member of the larger Club for the duration of tenure (December 2021 - December 2022).
  • You should be a USAT member in good standing.

Guidelines Information

Before applying, please read through the Team Guidelines document linked below. This document should answer most questions that you might have about what it takes to get onto the Team, what the selection committee looks for in applications, what is expected of an athlete while on the Team, and what an athlete gets in return while being on the Team. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us:

Team Guidelines

Application Form

Before beginning the application, we suggest that you look up your USAT National Rankings for 2019, 2020 (it may or may not be official), and 2021 (yes, 2021 will still be unofficial), create an Athlinks profile, and compile a list of your race results (including Age Group and overall placement) for the prior THREE years.

2022 Team Application Form




Every triathlete's journey begins somewhere. That first swim. That first bike ride. That first run.

Some people look at triathlon as something to cross off a bucket list. For others, triathlon becomes a journey that progresses through sprint, Olympic, Half Iron, and full Iron distance triathlons. Whether a triathlete's goal is just to finish, to go further, to stay fit, all noble pursuits are they.

Welcome to the DC Triathlon Club's informational page about the DC Triathlon Club Elite Team Program (ETP). The club strives to provide opportunities for athletes of all abilities by offering a suite of training programs that encompasses every aspect of progression through the sport of triathlon.

The mission of the ETP is to give the fastest triathletes in the DC Metropolitan area the opportunity to train and race together as a team. By doing so, we provide these athletes with the support structure and resources necessary to race at the highest levels of competition.

Leading by example, these athletes foster competitive drive throughout the club and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.


What is the Sol Donum / DC Triathlon Club Elite Team About?

"Reliable Electricity Is Not Guaranteed" Most of us take access to electricity for granted, but North American electrical grid transmission and distribution lines are over a hundred years old. Now way past their life expectancy, grid power plants and power lines are already failing in devastating ways. Aging systems have resulted in wildfires and rolling blackouts regularly occurring during heatwave and high-wind conditions. As big power suppliers avoid infrastructure investments and as terrorist attacks on the grid grow in frequency and sophistication, it will only get worse. We are proud to continue working with Sol Donum in 2020 to help us showcase some of the Washington DC area's top talent. This exciting partnership will allow us to continue to work to develop elite amateur level talent to represent the larger DC Triathlon Club! While their racing results enhance the visibility of the club and its partners and sponsors, these athletes also serve as mentors, role models, and volunteers throughout the triathlon community, thus contributing to the overall success of the club and proudly supporting Sol Donum.

Latin for 'Sun Gift'


The idea of Sol DonumTM (Latin for ‘Sun Gift’) came about when the company co-founder, looking for a clean, quiet alternative to his small gasoline generator, purchased a brand named solar generator to power appliances during outages. The unit was not able to operate as advertised for more than a few seconds and only held power for a few hours under load. The alternative would have been to purchase an expensive solution that would have to be permanently wired into his home. Consequently, he was inspired to design and build an enhanced solution, the Vulcan Energy System, that fills in the gap.


The 2021 Sol Donum / DC Triathlon Club Elite Team

DC Triathlon Club

DC Triathlon Club

Team Manager

  • Trevor Albert


Proudly supporting our 2021 Team Sponsors

DC Triathlon Club

Zone3 US

DC Triathlon Club

Hyperice / NormaTec

DC Triathlon Club

Rudy Project NA

DC Triathlon Club

Justin Durner Photography

DC Triathlon Club

Cutaway USA

DC Triathlon Club

Osmo Nutrition

DC Triathlon Club

Gu Energy

DC Triathlon Club

Potomac River Running

DC Triathlon Club

Georgetown Sports Massage

DC Triathlon Club

Training Peaks


If  you have any additional questions, please email the Elite Team!


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