DC Triathlon Club

Erik Guercio

January, 2022

Erik has casually been running and biking most of his life and became interested in triathlons after he got bored of just biking and running all the time. He decided to start learning freestyle in 2017 — racing for the first time in the 2018 Escape the Cape Olympic Triathlon — and since then he’s been hooked on triathlon training and racing. Erik has consistently placed in the top three finishers for his age/masters divisions and ended the 2021 season with first place finish in the masters division at Waterman’s Long Course. Erik first met members of the elite team at the 2021 Luray Triathlon and decided to apply after learning more about the team from Bryan Frank. 2022 is the first time Erik will join the Elite Team Program and he’s looking forward to supporting DCTriClub and its member, becoming a stronger athlete, and being a valuable team member.

Age Group/Birth Location: 40-45, Warwick, NY
Years Racing: 5
Athletic Background: High School Cross Country, Ski Team, and Volleyball. I’ve been running, hiking, and biking casually most of my life. I started swimming freestyle in 2017 – before that it was doggy paddle!
Strengths on the course: Being super happy, pacing, and running
Weaknesses on the course: Swimming and T2
Goals for 2023: Top 5 AG at Ironman AC
Favorite Places To Train: Biking on Darnstown Road and most of River Road, running on Rock Creek along river road, and OWS anywhere/everywhere
Least Favorite Places To Train: Glen Road, River Road in Potomac, and any avenue in DC
Favorite thing when not swimming, biking, or running: everything and anything to do with cats, PC Gaming, visiting Lancaster and finding the best ice cream places
Favorite food: Whipped cream (Carmen’s Italian Ice and Duffers), NJ style pizza (it’s better than NY style), Sichuan food in Rockville (Sichuan Jin River), bagels, cereal.
Fun Fact: I seek out homemade whipped cream and you can ask me where to find homemade whipped cream in various states. You should talk to me about your cats. Everyone should talk about their cats more often.
Favorite Pets:

  • Cats – Any cat with Tortie, Scottish Fold, Snowshoe
  • Dogs–  Shiba Inu
  • Chickens – Road Island Red, Old English Game, and Plymouth Rock Chicken

Fav Race distance: Olympic
Fav Race: Atlantic City Triathlon
Family: Paws the polydactyl tabby (seven toes on each front paw!) and Panther the all black cat