General / Membership

What do I get for being a member?

The DC Tri Club is a great community of all-inclusive athletes within which you will make new friends, both Club-wide and within our community groups. Membership grants you many benefits, described here.

How many people are in the club?

DC Tri Club membership ranges between 800-900 people each year.

I just joined, now what?

Come to a workout or a happy hour! Our community groups are also a great way to meet and train with people near you.

When is the next Club meeting?

The Club does not have formal, recurring meetings with the exception of the annual member meeting in the November/December time frame, and one or two member meetings in the first half of the year.

Do you do student, part year, summer-only, one-day, etc memberships?

We do not, due to USAT Club liability insurance reasons. However, we believe that our annual membership fee, which can be as little $50, is very competitive with other teams/clubs in the region. Your membership grants you access to discount codes from our partners worth hundreds of dollars.

Where can I find discount codes?

Our discount codes are available behind our members-only webpage under Partners > Redeem Discounts.


Are programs included in my membership fee?

They are not. Program participation has a separate fee in addition to the membership fee, to cover coaching, clinics, and various other program benefits. Please visit the specific program page for information on its cost.

Are program fees refundable (if for example, say, you move out of town)?



Where are good places to ride?

The club has a weekly Saturday ride as well as a number of cue sheets.

What community pools are available for lap swimming?

For information about local pools in DC, Maryland and Virginia, visit the swim training page.

What training opportunities are there?

Information about our weekly training opportunities are available here.

Are the group rides no-drop?

The weekly Saturday ride is not a no-drop ride. You should bring a cue sheet.  The Slow-to-Moderate Community Group organizes a monthly no-drop ride.

Club Races

Can you I join the Club’s training races if I am not a member?

Unfortunately no, and this is due to USAT Club liability reasons. Club races are members-only. Consider becoming a member (as low as $50/year) to take advantage of Club racing opportunities and the many other benefits.

Community Groups

Why do we need Community Groups; aren’t we all one big club?

We're one of the biggest tri clubs on the east coast and sometimes that can be a little intimidating. Our Community Groups make the club more accessible. They can help new members as well as long time members find their little tribe within the club. And they're just a lot of fun!

How do I find people in my area to work out with?

There are lots of ways to find nearby training partners in the club. Each Community Group has a page on the DC Tri Club website which can be found at From there, you can find links to join the different Community Group Facebook pages where group leaders post workout opportunities or you can post a training event that you'd like to organize. Another great resource to check is the DC Tri Club Forum, which can be found at; look for an existing training opportunity near you or post one of your own. And don't forget to check the club calendar which is another resource for training opportunities near you.

There isn’t a Community Group that’s convenient to me, can I start one?

Absolutely! That's how our Community Groups typically start out -- with a few club members who enjoy training, racing, and socializing together. Just reach out to the Director of Community Development and Outreach at Let's make it happen.

Social Events

How frequently does the Club have social events?

The Club has at least one social event per month. The Community Groups also host their own events.

Where does the Club host social events?

These are mostly held in DC, with some in Arlington. The Community Groups host events in additional areas like Alexandria and Montgomery County.

What types of social events are there?

There are Happy Hours, Member Meetings and group outings to sporting events like DC United.

Club Gear

When can I order gear?

We have large group buys a few times a year, be sure and stay tuned to the newsletter and the website for those. We also keep some gear in stock in our store year round:

If there’s an item I want not in the store?

You can order it in a group buy.


I’d like to volunteer for the Club. Who do I contact or give my information to?

We’ll often put out calls for volunteers in our newsletter for specific events, such as Club training races, bricnics, member meetings, etc. Most often there will be an indication of whom to contact to volunteer for the specific event.

Website and Social Media

Are the forums from the old website still accessible?

Yes, for read-only, available at

Apart from the website, does DC Tri Club use any other platforms?