DC Triathlon Club

Daniel Smith

December, 2020

Daniel has been racing triathlon for 4 wonderful years; his first race was the culmination of DC Tri’s 2018 New Triathlete Program: Rev3 Williamsburg. Before competing in triathlons, he played soccer competitively through college, ran cross country in high school, biked around the neighborhood with friends in middle school, and (sort of) learned how to not drown in elementary school. He loves running in Rock Creek and on the C&O, swimming at Wilson Aquatic Center, and exploring the area by bike. He loves people who cheer at races and if he doesn’t bring the party, he’ll at least bring some snacks.

Strengths on the course: Positive internal dialogue.
Goals for 2022: A new 70.3 PR; 70.3 WC qualification; and fun, safe racing.
Things I say way too often: “Let’s rip it”, “I want a bike like that”, “Are you sure we got enough food?”, “I think I’m lost”, “That’s lit”
Favorite Post-Workout Music: K-pop
Where to find me at a party: At the snack table or at the store buying snacks
You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life: PB&J
Favorite distance: 70.3 (Olympic is a close second)
Favorite race: Patriots
Favorite cross-training: Soccer, ski touring
Outside of training: I like to read, cook, and travel.
A happy 2021 memory: Crossing the line at Luray 2nd to Joe, just to have him celebrate how I did before I could even congratulate him on winning. World class sportsmanship and support.

2022 Race Schedule

  • Rock n Roll DC Half Marathon
  • Kinetic Half
  • Eagleman 70.3
  • Luray Double
  • Patriot’s Half
  • More fun local races!!