We Are The DC Triathlon Club

The DC Triathlon Club is one large community. We are one of the largest triathlon clubs in the Nation. We are the largest club on the eastern seaboard, and we are the largest club in the Washington DC metro area. But we are one large community made up of many smaller communities, teams, regions, groups, and circles of friends who all come together to race as part of one of the best clubs in the nation.

When you have a Club that is so large, we know people can get lost in the mix and feel overwhelmed. One of the questions that we are asked frequently is: where do I start?

Community Groups

The DC Triathlon Club welcomes all Washington D.C. area triathletes, young and old, veteran and novice, male and female, straight and gay, slow and fast!

The DC Triathlon Club places a strong emphasis on community. It’s about coming together with the simple mission of fostering camaraderie among local multisport athletes and building the interest in multisport throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Nevertheless, we realize that there are groups within our membership that want to get together and connect on a different level. We encourage these groups to form around regional areas, speed groups, or special interests. While these might be sub-groups of the general club membership, we will NOT allow any groups to form that are about discrimination toward another segment of the membership or population. Anyone will be able to opt-in to any of these groups for updates and news about the groups even if they do not specifically fit into that community group.

DC Triathlon Club

TriOut Multisport Community Group

A community group of the club’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, & transgender (LGBT) members and their friends looking to train, socialize and interact together.

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DC Triathlon Club

Capitol Hill Community Group

A neighborhood group for club members who live, work, or play on Capitol Hill.

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DC Triathlon Club

MoCo Mafia

A community group of the club’s members who live or work in Montgomery County, MD.

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DC Triathlon Club

Middle & Back Of Pack (MBOP) Group

A community group of the multi-sport athletes who swim, bike, or run at a moderate to slower pace.

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DC Triathlon Club

Women’s Community Group

A community of incredible women who support each other to accomplish their multi-sport goals.

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Women's Community Page»

DC Triathlon Club

Northern Virginia Area (NoVA)

A Northern Virginia neighborhood group for club members who live, work, or play in the Fairfax Alexandria Arlington Springfield area.

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If you are interested in forming a group, please send an email to the Director of Community Development & Outreach at community@dctriclub.org. Provide a brief description of the group that you want to form, including: what kind of a group you would like to form (eg. geographic, special interest, other); the goals of your group; and what sort of events you’re interested in holding (training, social, other).


The DC Triathlon Club is not just about triathlon and the triathlete. We are about giving back to the community at large. We are about building a better infrastructure for swimming (pool and open-water), cycling (commuting and recreational), and running (trail and path). Whether that is making our voice heard at city hearings on adding bike lanes or conservancy of the Potomac or just cleaning up trash from Rock Creek Park, the Club sees it as our responsibility to make the Washington DC metro area a better place for everyone, whether they are a club member or not.


Member Spotlights

The DC Triathlon Club celebrates not just the Community but also the Individual! We want to learn about our members. We want to find out why they do triathlon, why they joined DCTri, why they support us, etc. The Club is not just about the members of the Board of Directors or the members of our Elite Team, it is about everyone.

So we want to learn about you! If you are interested in telling us your story, please let us know! Email community@dctriclub.org and we will send you our questionnaire to fill out and we will gladly tell your story!

Read all about our club members, Board of Directors, Elite Team members, and many others in our Member Spotlight!

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