Tri Club Competition

Every year we collect club points for the Ironman Tri Club Competition!

There are 2 ways in which we can earn/use our points - the Tri Club Competition and Loyalty Points Program.

Below are some more details on how we earn points and some things we can do with those points. What we need you - the DC Tri Club Members - to do now, is follow this link and register as a member of DC Triathlon Club in the drop down box. Start typing DC Tri... and select DC Triathlon Club. Please help us out!

DC Triathlon Club

Club Achievements

The IRONMAN TriClub Program celebrates club achievements in two ways:


  • AGR (Age Group Ranking) points will be used to calculate total points earned at each race (Ironman and 70.3)
  • Most Ironman and Ironman 70.3 North American Races will have Race Day TriClub awards
  • Electronic Division Awards will be emailed to the top 3 clubs in each division following the race


  • At the end of the calendar year the club with the greatest number of accumulated AGR points will be named global champion (based on division/club size)
  • Regional Top 5 and the Global Champion will receive trophies, champion patches and race entries.
  • Earn Bonus Points by racing Regional Championships (70.3 - Texas, San Juan, Florida, St. George, Kansas, Syracuse, Muncie, Muskoka, Cozumel and Ironman Brazil.)


  • Race participation = AGR (bonus for regional/world championships)
  • Ironman Foundation = 1000 points/Foundation Athlete
  • Volunteering = 500 - 5000 points (depending on amount of volunteers club provides)
  • IronKIDS participation = 250 points/kid running or 500 points/triathlon
  • Iron Girl Participation = 750 points/finisher
  • Ironman 5150 Participation = 500 points/finisher
  • Membership Validation Points - subscribe to newsletter 50 points/member
  • Lottery - Kona = 250 points/member


  • Team picture post race with a pro = 5000 points
  • Reserved seating at athlete welcome dinner = 10,000 points
  • 1 early entry slot = 15000 points (100 max)
  • Colored bibs for all team members and designated bike rack = 55,000
  • Club porta-john at race of choice = 125,000 points
  • Advanced viewing of Kona Broadcast = 125,000 points
  • 1 bronze level VIP pass = 125,000 points
  • Free 70.3 entry = 150,000 points (max 2/club)

Prizes/Awards will be given to DC Tri Club members that earn the most points.

For any questions feel free to post to the forums or email

DCTriClub Awards

DC Tri Club IronMan Banners - 2023

DC Tri Club IronMan Banners - 2018

DC Tri Club IronMan Banners - 2015

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