Hernando Herrera PROGRAM CO-LEAD

After being a year-round athlete through high school (soccer, wrestling, track, swimming) and staying fit through his 20s, Hernando slowed down significantly in his 30s and early 40s.  But, after seeing a dear friend kick her pack-a-day cigarette habit and go from I-can-barely-jog a block to running her first half-marathon, Hernando realized he needed to get back in shape.  Not a gifted athlete in any discipline and easily bored, he decided that a triathlon would be interesting.  He joined the DC Tri Club through its New Triathlete Program (NTP) in 2014.  Since then, he has completed several Sprint races and 7-8 Olympic races.  During that first year, he swore to everyone around him that he would “never ever!” compete in a half Ironman race.  So, everyone was surprised when he entered and finished 2 Half Ironman races in 2015!  Although not a good runner, he has completed the Rock-n-Roll half marathon as well as the Marine Corps’ 17.75k trail race.  He also participated in the club’s Olympic Distance Program in 2016.  By his own admission, he usually finishes near the back-of-the-pack, but he never quits!  He hopes to inspire others with his perseverance.




My triathlon career started in the mid-80’s with the Bud Light Series. I quickly discovered that my beer hydration method did not work after ending up in the medical tent. So I kept the beer and dropped triathlons. After a 20 year layoff and 2 kids, I resumed my triathlon career with some prodding from a workout buddy. In the past 15 years, I have gone from a middle of the pack age grouper to part of Team USA for the past 7 years at the ITU Triathlon World Championships. Most of my energy is spent on the Olympic distance thanks to Team USA, but my preferred distance is the HIM. This year I am beginning my season with Puerto Rico 70.3 in March and hoping to earn a spot for the 70.3 Worlds in Nice in September. I was a competitive swimmer growing up. As an adult, I have managed to learn to bike and run in spite of my swimming handicap. I decided to volunteer with the DC Tri Training programs as a way to share my knowledge, experiences, enthusiasm and to help others meet their goals.