The DC Tri Club is currently the third largest triathlon club in the nation with over 1000 active members. The New Triathlete Program (NTP) was put together by members of the DC Tri Club back in 2005. The NTP class has over 100 participants every year.

Program is currently suspended due to the Pandemic.

DC Triathlon Club

Program Details

  • Registration Status: Closed
  • Class Size: 100
  • Price: $150 (see additional details below under FAQ)
  • NTP Informational Meeting: February 2, 2020 (1:30PM - 3:00PM) at Cleveland Park Library.
  • NTP Kickoff Meeting: March 1st *exact time and location TBD
  • NTP Members Only Web Page: will be accessible once the program begins
  • NTP Forum: will be accessible once the program begins
  • NTP Facebook Group: will be accessible once the program begins
DC Triathlon Club

What is NTP all about?

Have you ever dreamed of completing a triathlon but just do not know where to begin? Maybe you have set a New Year’s resolution to get in shape or to try something new? Maybe you are on the lookout for that next challenge in your life? No matter how you ended up here, you are considering attempting your first triathlon, and the DC Triathlon Club’s New Triathlete Program (NTP) is just for you!

The New Triathlete Program (NTP) is a structured training program led by a dedicated group of DC Tri Club volunteers who offer support and guidance to participants as they work toward the ultimate goal of completing their first triathlon. The NTP includes informational clinics to build basic knowledge, a series of group workouts to help develop physical fitness, and social events which help foster camaraderie among program participants. The warm and welcoming environment provided by the NTP offers a truly unique experience as it instills the confidence necessary for those who seek the right to call themselves: triathlete.

While NTP does not provide individualized coaching, it does provide:

  • A flexible training schedule designed by a USAT Level I certified coach
  • Planned group workouts and activities
  • Clinics led by local merchant partners and industry experts
  • Weekly newsletters with program updates
  • An NTP-specific forum where you can ask questions and get answers from program staff
  • A mentorship program linking you to a veteran DC Tri Club member who will help guide you through your journey
  • A series of clinics led by local merchant partners, industry experts, and veteran club members. These include:
    • triathlon gear clinic
    • bike buying clinic
    • bike maintenance clinic
    • bike handling skills clinic
    • Open Water Swim (OWS) clinic
    • run technique clinic
    • transition clinic
    • nutrition clinic

What is the NTP goal race?

Your ultimate goal will be to cross the finish line of your first triathlon. You will experience the full support and camaraderie of the DC Triathlon Club as your fellow NTPers race alongside you and program staff cheer you on from the side of the course! For 2020, the NTP goal race is…

  • Selected Goal Race: Rev3 Williamsburg
  • Race date: Saturday/Sunday June 27/28, 2020
  • Race distance: both Sprint and Olympic distance race options
  • Distance from Washington, DC: ~ 160 miles / 3 hours driving time
DC Triathlon Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the NTP right for me?

DC Triathlon Club

  • I am new to working out and do not know how to swim, bike or run well. Can I still do this program?
    Absolutely! NTP will give you all of the resources you need to complete your first race no matter your athletic background. The training plan and workouts will accommodate everyone from those going from “Couch Potato to Triathlete” as well as anyone who has prior athletic training. You don’t need to “train” to get ready to train, just sign up! 
  • I do not know how to swim at all. Can I still do this program?
    Yes. However, please keep in mind that while we offer swim technique clinics, NTP is not designed to “teach” people how to swim. For more information on our swim specific program please check out the Club’s Masters Swim Program.
  • I’ve already done a triathlon, is NTP right for me?
    NTP is designed for ‘first-time’ triathletes. If you’ve done a race or two but still feel like you’re “new” to triathlons, NTP may be a good fit. NTP is a great program and a great way to meet people in the club. You have access to a lot of additional resources and clinics that you wouldn’t have access to as a general member of the club, including clinics on bike handling skills, bike maintenance, nutrition, swim technique and open water, strengthening, and stretching. You’ll also have access to mentors, NTP only social events, Olympic and Sprint training plans, and more.
  • If you’re looking to get faster at the Olympic distance after completing a few races at that distance you should check out our Olympic Distance Program.


  • When does training start?
    For 2020, the training program begins on Monday March 23rd with clinic days and a welcome session prior to the start of the program. The entire program runs 14 weeks from start to finish.
  • When and where are the clinics and group workouts?
    Clinics are primarily offered on the weekends, we alternate between Saturdays and Sundays to allow flexibility for NTPers with other weekly commitments. Many of our clinics are hosted at our merchant partners in NoVA, MD and DC (Revolution Cycles, Sport & Spinal Physical Therapy, and Potomac River Running, to name a few). We also post handouts following most clinics so you will still get the information we covered if you miss a clinic. We typically complete group workouts following our weekend clinics. We also meet for workouts at Peirce Mill in Rock Creek Park and, frequently, Hains Point (East Potomac Park).
  • I travel a lot for work, will I still be able to participate in NTP?
    NTP is structured to give participants a training plan that allows them the flexibility to determine when they are able to workout. There are no mandatory workouts and we encourage NTPers to coordinate their own group workouts.
  • How many hours a week will I have to train?
    The following times are estimates for the amount of weekly training for each plan:

    • Sprint training plan: 1-6 hours per week
    • Olympic training plan: 2-8 hours per week
  • When do I have to decide which program I want to do? Both of these training programs run concurrently, so you have the option of beginning one program and then adjusting as necessary. It is easier to begin training for the Olympic distance and then drop down to the shorter workouts of the Sprint program if you need to.
  • What does the Training Plan look like?
    The training period is divided into 5 pre-race periods with 1 post-race period for recovery. The training plan is designed around a 3 week build / 1 week recovery structure and holds to the 10% increase in workload per week build. This structure is designed to let your body build cardio capacity and strengthen those endurance muscles for those 3 weeks but then the 1 week recovery allows those muscles to rest up and ingrain that training into your body.

    • Period 1: Introduction To Triathlon – focus on movement, timing, and strength
    • Period 2: Introduction To Cycling – focus on cycling and swimming
    • Period 3: Building Up The Distance – focus on running and nutrition
    • Period 4: Balancing Act – focus on integrating triathlon training, work, and personal life
    • Period 5: Putting It All Together – focus on the goal race
    • Period 6: Beyond The First Race – focus on recovery and planning


  • How do I register?
  • Step 1: You must first join the club (or have an existing membership) before you can register for this program. To join the club or renew your membership, you can click HERE.
    • If there are any problems using that link, you can also navigate there manually from the home page: dctriclub.org > JOIN (upper right corner of the page)
  • Step 2: Once registration opens, there will be a link at the top of this page under the “PROGRAM STATUS” section.  Simply click on that link and complete the registration process.
    • If there are any problems using that link, you can also navigate manually from the home page: dctriclub.org > SHOP > TRAINING PROGRAMS > 2019 NEW TRIATHLETE PROGRAM > select quantity (default is 1) > ADD TO CART > CHECKOUT
  • How much does NTP cost?
    NTP costs $150. To register for NTP you must first be a member of the DC Triathlon Club ($50 per year). This makes for a grand total of $200 for new members. Race registration fee is not included.
  • NOTE: You MUST be a member of the club to register for NTP!


  • How can I get more information before registration?
    There is an informational meeting prior to the start of the program. NTP Co-leaders and club volunteers will present detailed information on the program followed by an extensive Q&A session. This event is tentatively scheduled for February 2nd from 10AM-12PM OR February 9th from 1-3PM.
  • If I cannot attend the informational meeting, can I still register for NTP?
    Yes. The informational meeting is strictly that: informational. We will share the details of the program, allow for extensive Q&A and give you time to digest everything prior to registration. Most of the information we will cover during the informational meeting is on the website and anything important will be covered in newsletters once the program starts.
  • NTP registration is sold-out but I still want to participate in the program.  What can I do?
    Unfortunately, There is no wait list for NTP. Registration for the next NTP class will be in mid-January. In the meantime you can still join the club and get all of the benefits of membership. Information will be posted in the club newsletter about the specific date that registration will open up so sign up now!
  • How can I train for my first triathlon without NTP? 
    The DC Triathlon Club has many training and educational opportunities to help you prepare for your first race even if you are not participating in NTP. Take a look at our Training Calendar to see some of our excellent training opportunities and post on the forum to get advice from nearly 1,000 members about how to get ready for your first race.


  • What is the distance of the NTP goal race?The selected NTP goal race will feature both Sprint and International (Olympic) distance options.
    • SPRINT distance:
      • 0.5 mile (800m) swim
      • 12.5 mile (20km) bike ride
      • 3.1 mile (5km) run
      • 0.93 mile (1500m) swim
      • 25 mile (40km) bike ride
      • 6.2 mile (10km) run
    • Both of these distances are achievable for a first time triathlete. It is up to you to determine which one is the best fit for you.
  • Do I have to race in the selected NTP goal race?
    No.  However, you will benefit most from the program by doing this race or one that is scheduled for the mid- to late-June timeframe.
  • When do I register for the goal race?
    If you are planning to participate in NTP, DO NOT PRE-REGISTER for the goal race! We will work to secure a discounted rate for the group and will share the details with you once your NTP registration is complete.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at ntp@dctriclub.org.