Updated: 9/2/17

Target audience: Any DCTC member communicating about the DCTC on his/her own personal social media accounts or posting to the DCTC website’s forums:

  1. Be Smart: You are personally responsible for any content that you publish on social media platforms, so use good judgment. What you may consider funny may be offensive to others. Consider how your comments or posts might appear if we were called to defend them by a news organization – just like you would at any public event or forum.
  2. Respect Copyrights & Confidentiality: Only post things you have permission to post. Make sure you have permission to post any copyrighted (e.g. images, logos) or potentially confidential information.
  3. Be a Responsible Advocate: You may share information or your personal opinions about political campaigns, parties or candidates on your personal social media accounts, but not on the Club forums, as long as you are not a spokesperson for DCTC. However, you must be careful to avoid any type of attribution to DCTC.
  4. Be Accurate: Even though you may be expressing a personal opinion, do your research and source your information.
  5. Be Generous: Social media is, at its base, social.  Share, connect, and provide links to interesting things going on, both at DCTC and beyond.
  6. Share Stories & Best Practices: If you have a great story to tell or have a great idea for DCTC to tell our story through social platforms, share those with colleagues.
  7. Ensure that your content abides by our Club’s values of inclusiveness, respect, community and encouragement.

Should you violate these policies and/or harm DCTC’s reputation, your post will be deleted from the Club forums and/or you may be asked to delete your post from your personal social media account(s). Should violations repeat themselves, your Club membership may be terminated.