“The Reverend” has been leading the OSP for the past 6 years and shows up each week because he knows that the reward for working out for 2 hours is heading to Bus Boys and Poets for pancakes and social hour after the grueling sessions. This program singlehandedly ensures that he doesn’t suffer from the winter gloom and provides his social outlet since he is usually in bed around 9PM after the grueling sessions. He has been a cycling instructor for many years, rode with the NCVC/United Health Team, and worked with many pro level athletes and teams as a heart rate training specialist with Polar Technology.

Courtney Benedict PROGRAM COACH

Courtney has been a member of the DC Triathlon Club since 2006 and this is her 4th year as an instructor for the OSP program. She served on the Board of Directors for two years and was a member of the DC Tri Snapple Elite Team for four years. Courtney has been an athlete her whole life and a group exercise/cycling instructor for 16 years. Ten years ago she found her passion with the sport of triathlon and has since done multiple 70.3 and full Ironman races, including the 70.3 World Championships. Courtney is an ACE & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, USAT Level I and IRONMAN Certified Coach and will be intertwining the two to help athletes learn how to take a holistic, balanced approach to triathlon training.


Deb has taught OSP classes since 2013 and is looking forward to another year with the program. Deb has been a member of the DC Triathlon Club for several years and has completed five Ironman races and numerous other triathlons and running events of varying distances. She is an attorney by day, and teaches cycling classes at Off Road Indoor Cycling before the sun comes up.

Pamela Simmonds PROGRAM COACH

Pam joined the DC Triathlon Club in 2010 as a participant in the New Triathlete Program (NTP). After completing NTP, she returned as a Co-Leader from 2011-2014. Pam has completed 3 Ironman races: Ironman Japan 2015, Ironman Mont Tremblant 2013, and Ironman Florida 2011. She also completed the Savageman Triathlon 100 Multi-Race Challenge in 2012. Pam has taught indoor cycling classes since 2014. In 2014 Pam focused on bike racing and competed in several criterium and road races as a member of Artemis Racing. Pam has also completed two marathons: Rehoboth Marathon 2013 and Shamrock Marathon 2007. She ran track at the University of Miami from 2001-2004 where she focused on 400 meter hurdles.


Yuchen has been cycling seriously for the past 4 years, and has been riding with both power and heart rate for the past two years. He joined DC Tri Club in January of this year as part of the Ironman training program and completed IMFL and IM Lake Placid last year. He was a guest instructor for several cycling classes while at the University of Maryland and has coached athletes to improve their bike times by training with heart rate and power. In addition to cycling, he has also taught photography and computer programming.


Chuck began road racing in the early 1990s and never looked back. Since then he has participated in duathlon, triathlon, xterra and off road races. His specialty was duathlon and qualified and raced in duathlon world championships with Team USA from 2008 to 2011. He also started teaching indoor cycling classes in 1997 and can still be found teaching a class here and there. Pursuing his passion, he opened The Bike Rack, a local independent bicycle dealer, in 2007 in Logan Circle, and his second shop in 2015 in Brookland and in partnership with Filter Coffeehouse. The Bike Rack has been a sponsor and merchant partner with the DC Tri Club since its inception in 2007.

Matt Tourville PROGRAM COACH

Matt, aka “Coach TourTure,” has been racing Triathlon since 2003. His passion is still the bike and has been his entire life. Proper form and technique are his motto even after piling on the suffering of a good hard workout. With over 100 Triathlons and dozens of marathons completed to include 5 Ironman finishes, (4) Lake Placid and the Inaugural Ironman Maryland, 2 Savageman 70 finishes claiming 2 bricks in the Westernport Wall; Coach T has the experience of success and suffering to get you to the finish line whether it’s your first race or you want a faster time. As a USA Cycling Certified coach and holding all spin certifications an Army Veteran and achieving the Master Fitness designation, Matt is ready to help motivate you to meet and destroy your goals!!!