DC Triathlon Club

Jason Davidson

January, 2019

I spent my teenage years as a competitive track and road cyclist, culminating in a qualification for the 1992 U.S. Olympic Cycling Trials. After a long hiatus from endurance sport while earning a Ph.D. and starting an academic career, I ran my first marathon and competed in my first sprint triathlon as an adult in 2009. Triathlon has been an important part of my life ever since. Since 2010 I have been racing with the Elite Squad of another local team but in talking to Bryan Frank and Liz Baugher I have been impressed with the support DC Tri Club provides for its Elite Team. I am proud to join the team for the 2019 season.

Age Group/Birth Location: 45-49 / Sioux City, Iowa
Years Racing: 14
Athletic Background: Teenage years as a national-level track and road cyclist
Strengths on the course: Discipline, patience, attention to detail
Goal for 2023: Top step at IMCdA
Favorite Places to Train: Mt. Weather, Skyline Drive
Favorite thing when not swimming, biking, or running: Watching pro-bike racing
Favorite food: I love a legit tagliatelle al ragu
Fun Fact: As a 17 year-old I got a tattoo in a guy’s garage
Fav Race distance: Ironman. Isn’t that everyone’s favorite distance?
Fav Race: The Ironman World Championship in beautiful Kailua-Kona, HI
Other stuff you want to talk about? I’m always happy to talk about alliances. 

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2023 Race Schedule:

  • Bel Monte 50K (trail running)
  • Boston Marathon
  • Kinetic Half
  • 70.3 Blue Ridge
  • Ironman Coeur d’Alene


2022 Race Schedule:

  • 3/12 Bel Monte 50K
  • 4/18 Boston Marathon
  • 5/15 Independence Olympic
  • 6/11 Poconos Half
  • 9/10 Patriots Half
  • 10/8 IMWC


2019 Race Schedule

  • Boston Marathon
  • Monticello Man Half
  • 70.3 Connecticut
  • Ironman France (Nice)


2018 Race Schedule

  • Shamrock Marathon
  • Rumpus in Bumpus Olympic
  • Smith Mountain Lake Sprint
  • St. Mary’s Olympic
  • Rock Hall Olympic
  • Diamond in the Rough Olympic
  • Culpeper Olympic
  • Augusta 70.3


2017 Race Schedule

  • Boston Marathon
  • Raleigh 70.3
  • Ironman Santa Rosa
  • 70.3 World Championships
  • Ironman World Championships


2016 Race Schedule

  • Boston Marathon
  • 70.3 Puerto Rico
  • Kinetic Half
  • 70.3 Raleigh
  • Culpeper Olympic
  • Savageman 70.0

2015 Race Schedule

  • Shamrock Marathon
  • Ironman World Championships
  • 70.3 World Championships
  • Luray Olympic
  • Ironman Coeur dAlene
  • 70.3 Raleigh

2014 Race Schedule

  • Rev3 Williamsburg Half
  • 70.3 Timberman
  • Reston Olympic
  • Savageman 70.0

2013 Race Schedule

  • Giant Acorn Olympic
  • Ironman Lake Placid
  • Mighty Moss Half
  • Monticello Man Half


2012 Race Schedule

  • Monticello Man Olympic
  • Eagleman 70.3
  • Culpeper Olympic
  • Nationals Olympic