We Wouldn't Be This Awesome Without Volunteers!

DC Triathlon Club

The DC Triathlon Club is one of the best triathlon clubs in the nation (we think!) and this is made possible with the help of all of our volunteers! In return, we want to demonstrate our appreciation for our members’ service to the Club. Therefore, we have developed a point system that will allow club members to volunteer their way to a free yearly membership!!!

How does it work? As you know we are a 100% volunteer based club and most of our events require volunteer assistance in order to make them possible. Therefore, when you volunteer at a Club event, you will earn points. Points are determined by different factors including distance traveled, amount of time requested, etc. Members having earned at least 10 points at the end of the year will be rewarded with a free yearly membership (no kit included).

Requests for volunteers for upcoming events will indicate how many points will be allotted for that event.  For example, volunteering for a local Club race will earn you 2 points whereas volunteering for an out of town event will earn you 4 points,  and weekend events as many as 8 points.

Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities Page to find the full list of events you can volunteer for and the number of points you can earn at each event:

Should you wish to determine how many points you have earned at any point in time, please do not hesitate to email volunteer@dctriclub.org to ask.

Thank you for your support to the Club!