For 2024, the DC Triathlon Club will once again be offering a structured indoor cycling training program beginning in early January and ending in March.

Due to COVID-19 challenges and because it worked so well in 2022, we are going virtual again for 2024! Just think - no need to drag your trainer and bike and gear to a venue in the freezing cold! Suffer in your own pain cave on Zoom with everyone from across the DMV with a live coach on Zoom leading you through the workout.

The program includes two mid-week workouts (self-paced, not with live coach), and one longer workout on Saturday mornings with live coach. The Zoom recordings will be distributed so if you miss a Saturday, you can do it "with the group" on your own time!

Registration for 2024 is closed. Please come back in late 2024 for more information about the 2025 program. 

DC Triathlon Club

2024 Virtual Session

Off-Season Spin Goes Virtual!

Train from the comfort of your own “pain cave” with fellow club members and friends in a 12-week, structured training program designed to take you from your 2023 season to crushing your 2024 goals.

The program kicks off January 6 with an introductory session and workout. We attack our Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test in Week 2 and build your strength and endurance every week, culminating in a final FTP test in Week 12 to determine the progress you’ve made. Our experienced coaches will guide and motivate you through each workout.

All you need is a bike, trainer, and a device to connect to Zoom! A smart trainer or power meter is optional, as you’ll be coached through each workout. If you have a smart trainer, workout files will be compatible with Zwift and TrainerRoad.

The program will be open to non-members as well (see pricing structure below) so invite your friends to join you and share in the sweat-fest from their pain cave!

Since we're virtual you don't have to be local to the DC area!

  • Location: VIRTUAL! Join us on Zoom from your own pain cave.
  • Time: Saturday mornings, 7:00-9:00 AM. The Zoom recordings will be emailed out in case you missed the live sessions.
  • Dates: January 6 - March 23, 2024 (12 weeks)
  • What you get:
    • Weekly coached workouts on Saturdays (typically 1.5-2-hours, aside from FTP tests and other abbreviated workouts).
    • The workouts will be written for Zwift and Trainer Road, and also written out and coached live if you don't have a smart trainer.
    • Access to the on-demand replays of the Zoom sessions so you can do the workouts on your own if you miss the Saturday session.
    • Mid-week workouts that you can do with others via Zoom or on your own.
    • Zwift meetups for all Saturday workouts (optional, for those who use Zwift).
    • Special guest speakers on topics related to triathlon, cycling, strength, mobility, or wellness.
    • Dedicated Facebook group for members to discuss training.
    • Streaming of music, as well as cycling or triathlon videos during some workouts, for motivation.
  • What to have: Wifi and a device to join Zoom, bike, trainer, heart rate monitor/power meter (optional), water bottles, nutrition, towels, and a positive attitude! Heart rate monitors and/or power measuring capabilities are strongly recommended to maximize the effectiveness of the sessions, but athletes without these tools are welcome!


The best deal in the area!

Because we don't have facility fees to pay again this year, we've been able to keep the pricing way down for 2024 (the same prices as 2023)!

Snag the opening flash sale special starting on Black Friday for only $8.25/week! Even at the last-minute price tier for members, it is less than $11/week.

DC Tri Club Member Pricing:

  • 11/24-12/4: $99 (special flash sale through our Annual Meeting & Party!)
  • 12/5-12/31:     $109
  • 1/1-1/6:             $129

Non-Member Pricing:

  • $149

Join the DC Triathlon Club and have access to the priority pricing!

Registration for the 2024 program is open now! Click here to access our registration page (you must be logged in as a DC Tri Club member to access registration)


DC Triathlon Club

Frequently Asked Questions


DC Triathlon Club

  • Will I get stronger and faster on the bike?
    Almost all athletes who regularly participated in the weekend sessions and performed the mid-week workouts saw improvements in their overall fitness with many posting bike PR’s in their races.  There is no secret sauce and you get out of the program what you put into it.
  • What is the general structure of the program?
    The first week of training will be an introduction session, followed by some drills and interval work. The second week will be the threshold test. The third through eleventh week will be building out our base and into some tempo work and hill repeats. Finally, the last week we will redo the threshold test to gauge improvement.
  • What if I cannot make it at 7AM?
    Every session will be recorded and available for on-demand replay via Zoom so that you can do the workouts on your own but with the coaching and encouragement of the class.
  • What if I miss a week or workout?
    If you miss a week, try to get that workout in sometime between Monday and Wednesday. If you can’t fit that into your schedule in the earlier part of the week, do the mid-week program and pick up the following weekend. If you try to do the previous week’s full program later in the week you will not be fully recovered by the weekend and this will affect your ability to perform the weekend workout.
  • What is the inclement weather policy?
    Since we are virtual this year, we hope there is nothing affecting your "travel" between you and your trainer in the morning!
  • When should I log on?
    We recommend getting online and everything set up at least 15 minutes before the workout starts. This will help the instructor work through any technology issues that you might be having in advance of starting the workout instead of delaying everyone else.


DC Triathlon Club

  • What type of trainer do I need and how do I purchase a trainer?
    There is no specific type of trainer that is needed. While fluid typically provides a more realistic road feel and is quieter, magnetic will make you work just as hard. Keep an eye on craigslist for a used trainer or borrow a friends that's sitting unused. If you are ordering a new trainer, we recommend purchasing one soon given holiday shipping delays.
  • Will there be mid-week sessions?
    There will be a mid-week workout posted for each week under the documents section of this program. Accountability is best achieved with the assistance of the buddy system so we will have a Zoom sessions midweek to encourage everyone to get the ride done!
  • Are heart rate monitors required?
    Heart rate monitors are required for all sessions. A base model heart rate monitor is fine (all you need is a device which provides heart rate and has a lap function). Please be sure to know the basic functions before class.
  • Is a smart trainer required?
    No. While smart trainers are helpful, they are not required. Heart rate will be used to gauge improvement over the course of the program.

Miscellanous Notes

As mentioned above, we recommend getting set up and connected online to Zoom at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of class so that you can ensure that all your equipment and audio/video connections are working. This will help us get the class started on time so that the coach does not have to spend actual class time getting issues for individuals figured out.

DC Triathlon Club

If you have any additional questions, please email the program lead Cynthia Steele.