DC Triathlon Club

Bryan Frank

March, 2018

Bryan got his start in triathlon back in 2008 when a good friend wanted to go to the informational meeting for the New Triathlete Program with the DC Triathlon Club and told him that she did not want to go alone. After his interest was piqued at the meeting, he joined the club and competed alongside the NTP class at New Jersey State Triathlon. The race has gone down in NTP history as Bryan placed third in the novice division despite riding on his mountain bike, and he has become hooked on the sport of triathlon ever since. Bryan has become highly involved in the DC Triathlon Club serving as a Lead Program Manager for NTP from 2010 to 2012 and then on the club’s Board of Directors from 2013 until 2020 servicing as the Director of Programs, Treasurer, and President. He has proudly been a part of the Elite Team since 2013 and took over as the Team Captain in 2017! Bryan now trains for all triathlon distances though he really enjoys the Olympic distance triathlon the most.

Age Group / Birth Location: 45-49 / Dallas, TX
Current Residence: Arlington, VA
Years Racing: 14
Strengths on the course: Running people down who overcooked their bike leg.
Family status: Still single and still accepting applications, but proud cat dad of two.
Nickname: B$ (B-Money)
Goals for 2023: Keeping the thrill of training going and podium spot at IM Thun.
Currently on my iPod: Imagine Dragons. Doja Cat. Musical soundtracks. 80s pop songs are ALWAYS there. Anything that’s upbeat and fast.
Little known fact about me: I am a Lord of the Rings fan (though not sure that’s “little known”). Okay, I play the piano. How’s that?
Favorite Race: SavageMan 70.0; call me crazy, but it’s fun.
Favorite Result: Crossing the finish line at my first Ironman and crossing the finish line at Ironman World Championships!
Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, of course.
Favorite thing when not swimming, biking, or running: Happy hour. Let’s go grab a drink!

2023 Race Schedule

  • …and maybe some others as yet undecided.
  • Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon
  • Waterman’s (maybe)
  • Luray Triathlon Hawksbill Double
  • Happy Valley 70.3
  • Jamestown Olympic
  • Blue Ridge 70.3
  • Kinetic Olympic
  • EX2 Back Yard BRRR Virtual Challenge


2022 Race Schedule

  • Hallowed Half Marathon & 5K
  • Chicago Marathon
  • Little Rock 10K & Marathon
  • EX2 Back Yard BRRR Virtual Challenge


2021 Race Schedule

  • Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon
  • Pleasant’s Landing Olympic Triathlon
  • Waterman’s Triathlon Festival (Olympic and Sprint)
  • Luray Triathlon Festival (International and Sprint)
  • Ironman Lake Placid
  • Kinetic Half Triathlon
  • 2021 Virtual Challenges
    • EX2 Spring Back Yard Burn Virtual Challenge
    • Racine Multisports Winter Warrior Virtual Challenge Multisport (622 miles)


2020 Race Schedule

  • AtomicMan Triathlon – Half Iron Distance
  • 2020 Virtual Races/Challenges
    • DC Triathlon Club Dumpster Fire Virtual Triathlon (Olympic)
    • EX2 Fall Back Yard Burn Virtual Challenge (150 miles)
    • GoKinetic Fall Virtual Triathlon Festival (Olympic)
    • 50StatesVirtualChallenge Gump Challenge (3009 miles)
    • Rev3 Day Of the Dead Virtual Run (10K)
    • Rev3 QuaranTRI 2.0 Virtual Triathlon (Olympic)
    • IRun4Movement Fit You Seek Run You Must Virtual Run (5K)
    • Racine Multsiports Halloween Hustle Virtual Run (10K)
    • Virtual Strides ISS Virtual Run (10K)
    • IRun4Movement I Run for Margaritas Virtual Run (10K)
    • Rev3 New England Virtual Triathlon (Olympic)
    • Rev3 Williamsburg Virtual Triathlon (Half Iron)
    • EX2 Blue Crab Bolt Virtual Challenge (100 miles)
    • GoKinetic I-95 Virtual Challenge (500 miles)
    • Racine Multisports Across MD Bike/Run Challenge (620 miles)
    • Racine Multisports ROADTRIP Virtual Run (Half Marathon)
    • Rev3 Montclair Virtual Triathlon (Half Iron)
    • GoKinetic Virtual Race June (Half Marathon)
    • Rev3 Salute to the Military Virtual Triathlon (Olympic)
    • GoKinetic Virtual Race May (Half Marathon)
    • Rev3 QuaranTRI Virtual Triathlon (Half Iron)
    • GoKinetic Virtual Race April (Half Marathon)


2019 Race Schedule

  • Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon
  • Ironman Maryland
  • Ironman 70.3 World Championships: Nice, France
  • Luray Triathlon (International and Sprint)
  • Double Mussel (Half and Sprint)
  • Ironman Eagleman 70.3
  • MonticelloMan Olympic
  • Garden Spot Village Half Marathon
  • Austin Marathon


2018 Race Schedule:

  • Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon
  • Ironman Louisville – DNF
  • Waterman’s Half Iron Triathlon – Race Report»
  • Bird In Hand Half Marathon
  • Gay Games X Paris
  • Ironman Muskoka 70.3
  • Tri It Triathlon
  • Bear Triathlon
  • Cherry Blossom 10 Miler
  • Disney World Dopey Challenge
    • Pluto 5K
    • Minnie Mouse 10K
    • Donald Duck Half Marathon
    • Mickey Mouse Marathon


2017 Race Schedule:

  • Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon
  • Baltimore Marathon
  • Waterman’s Half Iron Triathlon
  • Ironman Wisconsin
  • Lake Logan Triathlon Festival (Half and Olympic)
  • Double Musselman (Sprint and Half)
  • Rock Hall International Triathlon
  • Rock n’ Roll USA Half Marathon


2016 Race Schedule:


2015 Race Schedule:

  • Rehoboth Beach Marathon
  • Ironman World Championship – Race Report»
  • Ironman Mont Tremblant – Race Report»
  • Challenge St. Andrews Half – Race Report»
  • LifeTime Capital of Texas Triathlon
  • Cherry Blossom 10 Miler


2014 Race Schedule:

  • JFK 50 Miler Ultra Marathon – Race Report»
  • New York City Marathon – Race Report»
  • Ironman Chattanooga
  • North East International Triathlon
  • Gay Games Olympic Triathlon
  • ITU World Triathlon Chicago
  • Black Bear Half Iron Distance Triathlon
  • Boston Marathon
  • Rock n’ Roll USA Half Marathon


2013 Race Schedule:

  • Richmond Marathon
  • Giant Acorn International Triathlon
  • Nation’s Triathlon
  • Ironman Austria
  • Kinetic Half Triathlon
  • Rock n’ Roll USA Half Marathon
  • Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge