DC Triathlon Club

2019 Member Spotlight – Sophia Kaounas

February, 2019

Sophia Kaounas 

Quirky tid-bit no one knows:  I never really know what gear I’m in.
What do you think about when you’re swimming so many yards?:  “When can I be done swimming so many yards?!” – But really, I’ve been focusing a lot on my form, as of late.  Every stroke I’m thinking, “Am I fully extending my arms?”  “ENGAGE YOUR LATS, SOPHIA!” etc. etc etc.
What’s something you just can’t live without:  The love and support of my friends and family. 100%
If you had a CD stuck in your CD player, what artist would it be?:  Bon Iver’s For Emma Forever Ago.  The man is a genius.
Bonus: Laurel or Yanny ? Laurel
Read more about Sophia here: https://www.dctriclub.org/sophia-kaounas/