DC Triathlon Club

Member Spotlight – Liz Baugher

February, 2017

Name: Liz Baugher, District Taco/DC Triathlon Club Elite Team

Blog: http://lizberunninaround.blogspot.com/

Tell us about yourself: I am a Meteorologist when not racing professionally!

How did you get involved with Triathlon? I joined the club team when in graduate school because I missed having teammates. It was love at first sight.

How did you get involved with DC Tri Club? I met a few athletes at some of the local races and they were nice enough to invite me to a few other events. Great group of people with like minded goals and not afraid to have some fun too!

What is your favorite of the disciplines? Least favorite? I love to swim and run. Biking is the hardest for me though I am learning to love it

Who is your hero? My Mom. I lost my dad 6 years ago and I am always amazed at the strength and support my mom continues to give me.

Favorite race or racing experience? Earning my pro card at Chicago Tri in 2012

Goal race? KONA of course!

Favorite workout? Long trail run.

Favorite post race/training indulgence? Beer, burger and sweet potato fries. Or Mexican!

What do you enjoy doing outside of triathlon? I coach a group of about 15 athletes. I love to see their hard work and help guide them in their goals

Any words of wisdom? Take the easy days EASY and always listen to your coach!!