DC Triathlon Club

Member Spotlight – Matt Sarge

May, 2018

Matt Sarge

Have you lived or traveled in a foreign country?

Some of my favorite runs have been during a few opportunities I’ve had to travel. I was in Central Europe a few years ago, and running gave me a great way to get to see parts of Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. I was also in Lucca, Italy last year, where you can run along the wall surrounding the city. I hope to eventually run a marathon is Australia, though that will be tricky because you have to run it counter-clockwise.

How did you get in to Triathlon? 

I ran track in high school and then got into lightweight crew (rowing) in college. I had followed the Triathlon at a professional level, and decided to give it a try toward the end of 2013, and was instantly hooked. I think the running and rowing backgrounds both served me well getting into triathlon (both physically and mentally), as well as making a concerted effort from the beginning to try to learn to swim correctly. But most importantly, I was the kicker for my JV high school football team which prepared me for how dorky most of us triathletes are.

Do you have any other hobbies or interests outside of Triathlon?

I work in politics, so it’s not necessarily a hobby, but it certainly is still something I’m very fascinated with and enjoy following and discussing even outside of work. I also enjoy cooking and baking. And I am trying to get better at crossword puzzles, because that is obviously a critical life skill.