DC Triathlon Club

Paige Wooden

June, 2018

Date of Birth/Location: October 2, Kailua HI
Years Racing: 6
Athletic Background: Pretty close to none. I tried out for the swim team in high school and almost got cut. Also did 1 year of cross country and track but was one of the slowest on the team. Then a “casual jogger” and gym goer until I decided to start doing tris.

Height: 5’6″

Strengths on the course: Running; not letting things get to my head.

Goals for 2018: Train for my 1st IronMan and pull off a respectable time.
Favorite places to train: runs through Rock Creek, rides in Shenandoahs, Frederick, and Deep Creek, especially on a perfect weather day.
Favorite thing when not swimming, biking, or running: Laughing with friends.
Favorite Food: Roasted butternut squash—“Nature’s Candy.” But I also really like oatmeal. Is wine a food?

Fun Fact: When I was 2, I escaped from my crib at 5 am to follow the garbage man down the street. He had to go door to door asking who I belonged to. I was always the head-strong adventurous type.

Fav Race Distance: I like racing olympics but I like training for longer distances.

Fav Race: Hometown race, Nation’s
Social Media: @paigewooden

2018 Race Schedule:

  • Duathlon National Championship, Greenville, SC
  • Boston Marathon
  • IM Syracuse 70.3
  • Rev3 Williamsburg
  • USAT National Championship, Olympic distance, Cleveland
  • IM Chattanooga