Welcome to the DC Triathlon Club’s general informational page about the Masters Swim Program (MSP). MSP is geared specifically toward triathlon swimming. The program provides triathletes (new or veteran) with the skills necessary to excel in the open water. Experienced coaches guide each practice with an eye toward enhancing stroke efficiency and improving open water techniques. Overall, this program hopes to build triathletes’ confidence, endurance, and speed in the water. This is not a learn-to-swim program.

Swim Sessions

  • Morning Swim – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    • Location: UDC Natatorium, Building 47
    • Swim start time: 5:45AM
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  • Evening Swim – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    • Location: Wilson Aquatic Center
    • Swim start time: 7:00PM
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Program Status

  • Status: continuous open enrollment
  • Session Size: various


What is MSP all about?

The DC Triathlon Club is proud to present the Masters Swim Program (MSP) for all of our enthusiastic triathletes! The DC Tri Club knows that a vast majority of triathletes struggle most with, or have concerns, regarding the swim portion of triathlons. As a club, we have created a coached swim program that is geared specifically toward triathletes. At any given practice, the sets can range from 1,600 to more than 3,000 meters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Masters Swim Program help me become a better swimmer?
The program provides structured workouts to guide participants from session to session. Our coaches also advance essential swim skills and techniques through weekly drill themes.

Do you have anything for people who feel like they aren’t ready for a Masters practice?
Although this is not a learn-to-swim program, MSP participants cover a wide range of swimming abilities. Some of our greatest success stories involve swimmers who joined the program, unable to swim more than 200 continuous yards. With dedication and practice, they are now swimming upward of 2,000 yards per workout today! In other cases, we are helping swimmers break the one-minute threshold in 100 yard time trial tests. Worried that you might slow other swimmers down? Don’t be! We design our workouts to be adjustable for all levels — and you may well find a group of kindred swimmers in your lane who naturally match your pace. Concerned about group swimming jargon? Our coaches guide every practice with detailed explanations of each workout and drill. We also periodically host a free “Intro to Masters” clinic, which introduces prospective MSP participants to the lingo and allows swimmers to jump in the water and experience a swim workout with us!

What pool does the Masters Swim Program use?
We use two area pools:

Are there any opportunities to swim in open water?
The program currently does not offer them directly, but our newsletter often features a community swimming section that lists many local and regional open water swim opportunities.

What kind of workout and interaction can I expect from the program?
Coaching services will be geared toward triathletes and include:

  • Structured workout plans
  • In-water and out-of-water drills
  • Individual athlete attention
  • Stroke analysis, including periodic video analysis
  • Fostering relationships with our current partners for open water swim race simulation opportunities

Do you ever meet on the weekends?
In the winter and early spring, we rent pool space on the weekends to host special clinics. Past clinics have included sessions on intermediate and advanced freestyle, underwater stroke analysis and video taping, open water skills, and much more. Please check our calendar periodically to sign up for these clinics. Non-program members are welcome to attend these special clinics for an additional fee.

What experience do the MSP coaches have?
The DC Triathlon Club has fostered the training and experience of our Masters Swim Program Coaches, who provide swimmers with specialized training and on-deck stroke feedback needed for success in the open water. Many of our coaches have had numerous years of experience in swimming competition. Love for the sport is what drives their passion to teach, and the success of their peers is what makes the job enjoyable. As fellow triathletes, they are thrilled to share their experience and joy of swimming with you by preparing you for the competition and excitement of the swim leg in triathlons. Most of our coaches are also United States Masters Swimming (USMS) coach-certified. We also have a USAT level 1 certified coach on staff as well.

I’m in! How do I register?
Great! We can’t wait to see you on deck at UDC and Wilson pools! First, purchase a swimming punch pass or a monthly unlimited swimming pass. Then, register online for the sessions you want to attend!

If you have any additional questions, please email the Masters Program Coaches.