DC Triathlon Club

Trevor Hains

January, 2022

Trevor got his start in triathlon in 2021 when he and his endurance loving cousins decided to complete SavageMan 70.0 in memory of his late uncle Rick, who is a SavageMan “legend”. He had seen the Westernport Wall first hand and thought “how hard could that be!”. He completed his first triathlon at REV3 Williamsburg as a “practice run” and knew it was the first of many. While SavageMan was unfortunately canceled, it was quickly replaced with Waterman – where he managed to meet many of the DC Tri Club Elite team members. He still has hopes of completing SavageMan one day!

Age Group /Birth Location: 25-29 / Washington, DC
Years Racing: 2
Athletic Background: Washed up high school lacrosse player
Strengths on the Course: Running, bonking
Goals for 2023: Race a lot, figure out how to fuel.
Favorite Places to Train: Hains Point, Anacostia Riverwalk, Indoors on the trainer
Favorite food: Key Lime Pie,
Fun Fact: I still have one of my baby teeth
Favorite Race Distance: They’re all hard.
Favorite Race: CB10, Rock Hall, Capitol Hill Classic, Hood 2 Coast
Favorite thing when not swimming, biking, or running: Photography

2023 Race Schedule:

  • Miami Half
  • NYC Half
  • Cherry Blossom 10M
  • Boston Marathon
  • Rock Hall
  • 70.3 Happy Valley
  • Hood 2 Coast
  • Chicago Marathon

2022 Race Schedule:

  • B&A Trail Marathon
  • Jamestown Triathlon (Sprint)
  • REV3 Williamsburg (Olympic)
  • USAT Age Group Nationals (Sprint + Olympic)
  • Centennial Triathlon (Olympic)
  • IM 70.3 Atlantic City
  • Abbott Chicago 5K (will be cheering on his girlfriend and other members of DC Tri Club at the Chicago Marathon!)
  • Richmond Marathon