DC Triathlon Club

2019 Member Spotlight – Justin Bauer

March, 2019

Justin Bauer

Quirky tid-bit no one knows? 
I don’t put milk on my cereal.
What do you think about when you’re swimming so many yards?
I think about my swimming form. When I was training for my first Ironman, I did a lot of mental visualization to prepare for the mass start and long swim.
If you had a CD stuck in your CD player, what artist would it be?
Going way back on this one…An operating system ISO or recovery disc is probably the last CD I used. Stone Temple Pilots – Core probably got the most play out of my normal music CDs.
What is the biggest mistake you’ve made in a triathlon?
Combining inexperience with not doing enough hill training before my first half Ironman in the Pocono Mountains. I went too hard early in bike course and didn’t control my uphill efforts. My nutrition wasn’t on point either. I bonked on the last part of the bike and struggled the entire run.
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