2024 Member Spotlight – Whitney (Whit) Kim

February, 2024

How did you get started in triathlons?

I have a tendency to dive head first into fitness activities I am curious about even though I may not feel completely prepared, so after I watched a documentary about marathons and learned that my high school had a marathon club, I joined even though I had never run more than 1 mile in my life and ran a marathon my junior and senior year of HS. Similarly, when I heard my good friends Becca Na and Yaritza Rodriguez joined NTP 2022 and really enjoyed it, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to join NTP 2023 even though I had never taken swimming lessons growing up!

What motivates you to keep participating in triathlons?

I appreciate how training for triathlons teaches me to be a better person. To see the tangible results of breaking down a big goal into smaller goals and consistently working towards it. To manage my time, be disciplined, and challenge myself. That I can do scarier and harder things than I imagined. To build resilience for enduring the race that is life. Also just love being active and enjoying the fitness and training adventures along the way with the lovely community that is the DC Tri Club!

Share a funny or unexpected moment from your triathlon journey.

At Deep Creek training weekend, I had chosen to go on the 54-mile bike ride not having looked at the course details beforehand. (I was comfortable with the ride length but should’ve looked a bit more into the elevation and climbing.) Boy was I in for a surprise the next day with 7-9%+ grade and the longest climbs of my life. Jules at one point yelled out “You’re half way up the hill!” to be encouraging but it actually ended up being de-motivating and I unclipped and just walked up the hill. I was grateful for my group who patiently waited for me at the top of the hills and truly, truly humbled that day. Lessons learned: look at your route beforehand and do more hill training.

Favorite club event or activity?

My favorite club events are our training camp weekends! Multiple long workouts, nature, smores- what’s not to love? More than that, it provides the opportunity to get to know club members more deeply and have longer form conversations rather than chatting for 5 minutes after a workout and peacing out. Shout out to Jules for organizing them!

Favorite triathlon distance and why?

I’ll be completing the olympic distance for the first time this summer but I have a feeling it will be my favorite distance. Not too short, not too long, just right.

One piece of advice for someone new to triathlons?

Don’t overthink and just do it. You’ll be surprised how much you learn along the way by just showing up!

Any upcoming triathlons or fitness goals you’re excited about?

Canaan Valley Half Marathon, Colonial Beach Olympic Triathlon, Jones Beach Half Ironman, bikecamping from Pittsburgh to DC, Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu, and another bikecamping trip towards the end of the year!

Any pre-race rituals or superstitions you follow?

Hydrate, eat a snack, take a morning dump, and stretch. Nothing unusual.

Any shoutouts or messages you’d like to share with the DC Triathlon Club community?

Thank you thank you to all the DC Tri members who serve in official or unofficial roles, plan out thoughtful events, and keep our community running. You are so appreciated! Also, shout out to my NTP mentor Evan!