DC Triathlon Club

Member Spotlight – Cindy Hutchings

May, 2018

Cindy Hutchings

If you were an animal what would you be?  Easy – a monkey! I have been working on my ambiguous skills since I have been little. And now that I am older it is really convenient to pick something up with my foot instead of bending down. Monkeys also have a lot of fun swinging from tree to tree. Somehow I never hurt myself intimidating them growing up and now all my swinging involves a harness, helmet, ropes and too many waiver forms.

What does your life outside of sport life look like? I like to say I am a bum but I have been called out on it too many times. I used to be a tax accountant but had no passion for it. Then I became involved in real estate finance focusing on loan due diligence and loan workouts. Currently, I am involved with several volunteer groups and enjoying the last few years of kids in the house. My daughter goes off to college next year after taking a gap year and my son is finishing his junior year. I am very fortunate to have my family’s support for triathlon. I don’t sit still well and they have actively encouraged me to exercise. They also put up with my Nats addiction. I happily shared all the local bike routes with the Nats new manager, Dave Martinez when he asked.

Have you ever faced any obstacles in your life/career/fitness journey and what did you do to get over them?  What obstacles? My life is perfect….not! I learned early on in my life, when one door closes (or doesn’t open), another door will open. I view obstacles as challenges and as a way to grow personally. There will always be challenges and how one handles the challenge is more important than the challenge itself. This is one of the reasons I really enjoying racing. Each race I approach with the attitude that something will not go according to plan. And when the non-planned event happens, I am ready to deal with it mentally and physically. This attitude also serves me well in in life. Thank goodness for all the training time to reconsider challenges and meditate upon issues.