DC Triathlon Club

Natalia Szlarb

January, 2022


Age Group /Birth Location: 30-34 / Szczecin, Poland
Years Racing: 2 years
Athletic Background: A little bit of cross country in high school, but in general, I’ve been always just an enthusiastic trail runner.
Strengths on the course: Never having issues with taking sufficient amount of calories on the course :). Adaptability to all conditions. And running, which feels like my safe zone.
Goals for 2022: To enjoy every race I enter into and remain injury free!
Favorite Places To Train: Rock Creek Park.
Favorite thing when not swimming, biking, or running: Visiting local farmer’s markets, cooking for my friends, and then enjoying dinner with them and some board games.
Favorite food: Pizza. Neapolitan from a wood-fired oven.
Fun Fact:  I’ve never been to McDonald’s.
Fav Race distance:  Still undecided between 70.3 and the full Ironman.  Time will tell.
Fav Race: All races at Lake Anna, Va. I love the rolling hills, how green and easy it is to get to!
Other stuff you want to talk about? Nah

Social media: https://www.instagram.com/eskimo_nut/?hl=en


2022 Race Schedule:

  • March 13, 2022 – Clash Miami Middle Distance
  • March 26, 2022 – Rock and Roll DC Half Marathon
  • April 3 , 2022 – Galveston 70.3
  • April 18, 2022 – Boston Marathon
  • May 7, 2022 – Laka Anna Olympic Distance
  • June 13 – Eagleman 70.3