DC Triathlon Club

Pat Dougherty

June, 2018

Date of Birth/Location: 12 October 1979, Scranton, PA
Years Racing: 13
Athletic Background: Played football and baseball in HS; started running in college; picked up triathlon in grad school
Height: 70”
Strengths on the course: None, I’m just decent at all three sports
Goals for 2018: Stay healthy, have fun, go fast
Favorite Places To Train: Riding in the Sierra Nevadas and Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, and my all-time favorite place has been College Station, TX, which is where I first got into triathlon.
Favorite thing when not swimming, biking, or running: Spending time with friends and family
Favorite food: pizza
Fun Fact: I have two tattoos?
Fav Race distance: 70.3
Fav Race: Try Andy’s Tri
Social media:
IG: pat_dougherty
2018 Race Schedule:
  • Rock n Roll half marathon
  • Rumpus in Bumpass
  • Eagleman 70.3
  • Rev3 Williamsburg
  • USAT AG Nationals
  • TBD…